'Scaped For You' Collection - Layout 113 (75L) Advanced

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The great thing with these 'Scaped For You' Collections is that all the hard work is done for you!

'Scaped For You' Collections are ideal for those of you who just want to choose a setup and not have the hassle of having to choose the plants you need to replicate it. These collections come complete with all the plants, wood or rock needed for the aquascape you have chosen.  The Collection even comes with an easy to understand diagram showing you exactly where to position the plants and materials.

Layout 113 is designed for an advanced level hobbyist to plant and maintain a 75L setup. If your aquarium is larger than this you will have to add additional plants accordingly.

A tall aquarium almost calls for upright hardscape and slim, grassy plants like the Cyperus helferi and Eriocaulon.
To soften the appearance a little, we attached small tufts of Micranthemum ’Monte Carlo’ to the dragonstone and created a lawn of Elatine hydropiper.

You will also receive the hardscape materials in this plant collection and they are designed to be positioned as indicated in the diagram.

Plants in this collection are:

4 x Cyperus helferi (1)

3 x Helanthium 'Quadricostatus' (2)

3 x Helanthium tenellum 'Green' (3)

8 x Eriocaulon cinereum (4)

1 x Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini' (5)

6 x Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' (6)

7 x Elatine hydropiper (7)

Hardscape materials in this collection are:

6 kg x Dragon stone

2 x Redmoor wood

The substrate used in this collection is called Tropica Aquarium Soil.


Please note this is a special order item so depending on availability can take between 1-7 days to arrive.

Scape by George Farmer and Jurijs Jutjajevs

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