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The great thing with these 'Scaped For You' Collections is that all the hard work is done for you! Created by James Star Marshall you can now replicate this in your aquarium with ease. It's only a small tank which makes it easy to maintain.

'Scaped For You' Collections are ideal for those of you who just want to choose a setup and not have the hassle of having to choose the plants you need to replicate it. These collections come complete with all the plants, wood or rock needed for the aquascape you have chosen.  The Collection even comes with an easy to understand diagram showing you exactly where to position the plants and materials.

This aquascape is based on the idea of a fallen branch. Mosses were used exclusively in this setup to create a textural appearance in keeping with the very small size of the fish. The Moss was attached to mini landscape rock with hair nets tied off with fishing line, I find this method to be quickest.

This scape is a small fish or shrimps dream.

Mosses in this collection are:

3 x Taxiphyllum barbieri portions (A)

2 x Taxiphyllum 'Spiky" portions (B)

2 x Taxiphyllum 'Flame' TC (C)

1 x Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping' TC (D)

1 x Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping' portion (D)

2 x Vesicularia dubyana'Christmas' TC (E)

2 x Vesicularia dubyana'Christmas' portions (E)

Hardscape materials in this collection are:

1 x 20-28 cm piece of Driftwood

2 x pieces of Mini landscape rock

The gravel used in this collection is called Fiji Fine Sand which can be purchased separately using the following link, 


Please be aware that in the majority of cases, all plants in this collection are normally available to send out immediately however there may be times when a particular plant is not available so we will substitute as close to that plant as possible.

Please note this is a special order item so depending on availability can take between 1-7 days to arrive.


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