Salvinia natans Floating Plant (Water spangles)

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Salvinia natans is an appealing and attractive floating fern that will grow quickly if given plenty of good light and nutrition. It will naturally multiply and spread on the top of the water.

The leaves are fleshy or spongy to touch and have tiny hairs on them making them water resistant. They are good for preventing algae by shading areas in the aquarium and using up the nutrients in the water.
This is a free floating aquatic plant with long attractive roots that hang and flow below it which is ideal for tanks with fry as the long roots offer protection and shelter.

This plant will need maintaining if you have other aquatic plants below it as it may block out light to them. It is ideal in open-top aquariums or tanks with good ventilation otherwise the leaves may dry up under the lights. This plant is not keen on being splashed with water so avoid placing them from a swift water flow or current.

by Alison T.
Plants arrived well packaged and healthy.

by Gillian S.
What lovely little plants these are! I bought them on a whim, and they have been delightful. I noted the warning that they might not do so well with plants below impeding their trailing roots, but so far, they are reasonably happy. One or two are brown now, but the others are fine. And the fishes seem to leave them alone! Yes, I would buy these again!

by Minas M.
POSITIVE: The plants were healthy and in good condition upon arrival. They are still thriving. NEGATIVE: My aquarium is now riddled with snails.


Due to the nature of this plant - it is kept on water where snails are present. Whilst we do our best to check each portion, it's impossible to remove all snails. That said, if your snail population is growing, then reduce feeding your fish as it's this waste food that causes a snail population to grow.

by Pat M.
Everything I have bought from Aquaessentials has been absolutely fine. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else but I do not intend to review everything I buy. It becomes tiresome.

by Sam E.
Plants arrived quickly and safely packed, great quality and a good size. Very minimal amount of pests (some to be expected with this kind of floating plant) but easily remedied with a good rinse and quarantine. Would recommend to any shrimp owner as mine love hanging upside down and picking at them!

by Kenneth D.
These arrived with a load of other plants and were a little discoloured, but that was probably to be expected. Unfortunately they didn't do what I thought they would do, multiply as per the pictures, all dead and so have been removed. Whilst I don't have a full CO2 system in the tank , they were also being fed with liquid feed, but this clearly has not been enough.... .Bit disappointed.

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