Sagittaria sabulata (Dwarf Sagittaria)

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  • Origin: South America
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Sagittaria subulata from South America is an ideal, undemanding foreground plant whose short runners form a compact group. Place individual plants 2-4 cm apart. This plant may cause problems because in certain conditions it suddenly grows to a height of 50 cm when it grows older. But if it is then moved into the background it may become low again. In the aquarium it sometimes sends a long flower stem to the surface, and small white flowers unfold just above the water surface. 

by Barrie H. on 27/9/2019

Arrived in healthy condition with good root system.

by john f. on 28/9/2017

Planted along the side of the tank it is a Ready producing runners towards the front of the tank. Hervey & Hems suggest always including some Sagittaria As they do much to keep the substrate sweet. "The Goldfish." 1948. My bible.

by Mary G. on 9/10/2016

Nice plant received which provided about 15 separate plantlets which are growing and sending out runners.

by James Casswell on 19/7/2016

great foreground to midground plant dependant on how long you let the leaves grow

by Mike Henden on 22/6/2016

great quality, fast delivery, a bit more money than other sites but you get what you pay for. no snails or pesticides with these guys. worth the extra for peace of mind. recommended.

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How do you trim this plant to keep it small


like grass - sharp pair of scissors

Would this plant grow okay in sand with root tabs added?


Should be OK

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