Rotala wallichii (Whorly rotala)

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Originating from South East Asia, Rotala wallichii is a fairly demanding plant however given good light will develop most attractive red shoot tips from the plant. We recommend that you plant in large groups to gain the most dramatic and decorative effect. An ideal foreground plant suitable for nano aquariums and can be maintained by occasional trimming.

Rotala walichii is also good as background and midground plant because it is easy to prune if it grows too tall. CO2 addition boosts growth considerably. It also prefers soft, slightly acidic water.

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by Adrian B.
Arrived looking really healthy, appear to be settling in to tank nicely

by Eric P.
Plants looked nice and healthy on arrival. They perked up overnight once planted in the tank. Growing well just waiting for the pink tips to appear

by Mark H.
As always arrived in beautiful condition, on the day it was due, snail and algae free and in one week have already bushed up and doubled in height.

by Gareth Williams
This grows quite slowly and is not yest as tall as I thought it would be, but it is under strong lighting. As with all plants from AE, it arrived in excellent condition and I was able to get several plants from the one pot

by Darren Farnden
I have had this plant a few weeks now, and it has really thrived,bushed out and grown quite fast,it will be ready for a trim soon.Great plant.

by Martin Clark
nice healthy plant of good size and started to grow quickly

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Hello,how many strands would be in this pot?



Is this the red/ pink tipped variety as here ?


Yes. Goes pinky with bright light

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