Rotala rotundifolia (Dwarf rotala)

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  • Dimensions: grows up to 60cm
  • Model: P2021035
  • Origin: South East Asia
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A classic aquarium stem plant. The Rotala rotundifolia originated from Southeast Asia and the name refers to the shape of the leaves but only when it's above the water line. Once submerged, the leaves become narrow and exhibit beautiful red tones and when they sway in the current, look quite delightful.

Relatively undemanding plant, the brighter the light, the more red colours this plant displays. It readily forms side shoots and can become quite bushy. Bear in mind, this can cause make it harder for light to penetrate the lower leaves and as a result, regular trimming is recommended.

by Ewan M. on 15/4/2020

Plant arrived very healthy and lush. Delivery was well packaged and arrived quickly. I've already had to trim the plant multiple times after planting it about a week ago, and was able to replant the tips. An excellent choice if you want to quickly create a lush background

by Paul H. on 17/6/2019

Just planted this planted this plan over 2 week I have started to trim toped and plant in other places in the aquarium.

by David D. on 26/4/2019

Absolutely love this plant, it's growing really well in my low light, non-CO2 tank. Manged to split the pot into 5-6 stems, maybe more. Each stem has already shown enough growth in two weeks to allow me to trim and re-plant the cuttings.

by Terry H. on 12/11/2018

As always.. great products at great prices.. plants arrive in top condition, and growing well , Will definitely be ordering again,

by Stephen H. on 11/11/2018

Arrived well protected and in great condition. The plant has pride of place at the rear of my Nano tank.

by Martyn G. on 6/4/2018

Lots of packaging and plants came safe and sound. Plants shed quite a few leaves when first planted but settled in well now

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hi im after buying some rotala rotundifoli. but rhe plant you have in the picture does not look like the forementioned plant? would like to make sure before buying. thank matt


The picture is actually what the plant looks like in our greenhouse. I suspect you're thinking abot what the plant looks like when grown submersed (which is different).

Can this go in a pond?


In a warm country, yes!

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