Rotala rotundifolia (Dwarf rotala)

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  • Dimensions: grows up to 60cm
  • Model: P2021035
  • Origin: South East Asia
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A classic aquarium stem plant. The Rotala rotundifolia originated from Southeast Asia and the name refers to the shape of the leaves but only when it's above the water line. Once submerged, the leaves become narrow and exhibit beautiful red tones and when they sway in the current, look quite delightful.

Relatively undemanding plant, the brighter the light, the more red colours this plant displays. It readily forms side shoots and can become quite bushy. Bear in mind, this can cause make it harder for light to penetrate the lower leaves and as a result, regular trimming is recommended.

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by Alan H.
A good plant, arrived in excellent condition and with quite a few good length stems. I planted it and am waiting for immersed growth to start (it's only been a week).

by Diogo F.
Plant arrived in perfect condition. Within less than two weeks has grown so much already needs trimming. Awesome effect when the leaves close at night.

by Emma F.
This plant is VIGOROUS!. Within 48 hours of being planted into my aquarium, the round leaves were looking more pointy. After a month, long runners are sneaking around the bottom of the tank and putting out roots. There should be plenty of material to cut out and replant elsewhere. Only slight disappointment is that it has turned pink at all, despite having med-high light levels and the plant now reaching just a few cm from the water surface. The fish love to hide amongst it though.


Great to hear. Try adding some pink light to help with the colour of this plant.

by julie A.
A beautiful, healthy plant, beautifully packaged and is showing signs of growth.

by Rob B.
A pretty and delicate plant which I'm looking forward to seeing flourish

by Alex L.
First time ordering plants online and very pleased with condition of plants and how they were packaged. The Rotala is growing very well with a low tech set up and have already taken cuttings after the stems have reached the top of the tank after only 4 weeks growth.

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hi im after buying some rotala rotundifoli. but rhe plant you have in the picture does not look like the forementioned plant? would like to make sure before buying. thank matt


The picture is actually what the plant looks like in our greenhouse. I suspect you're thinking abot what the plant looks like when grown submersed (which is different).

Can this go in a pond?


In a warm country, yes!

How long does it tank for it to grow its red-brown underwater leaves? I have ordered some but have only started too see a change in the leaf shape and it’s been several weeks.


If it hasn't happened by now you'd need to increase your intensity and preferably colour

The redder the light, the more colourful the plant becomes (assuming intensity is also high enough)

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