Redmoor Wood A19 50x30x15cm

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  • Dimensions: Approx 50x30x15cm
  • Model: A19
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We've hand selected this wonderful piece of wood which is suitable for all aquariums. This piece offers immediate impact to any tank set up and fish are quickly at ease with this type of decor.


  • Lovely colour when wet
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Great for tying moss and other plants to
  • Excellent value for money

Once you receive your piece of wood you will quickly see the number of possibilities in terms of positioning and placement. You'll soon find the ideal location and when plants grow around the wood, your tank matures in front of your eyes.

Redmoor wood is the most popular wood for use in the aquarium for aquascaping. It may require soaking prior to aquarium use so the wood becomes water logged and sinks.

The picture shows the actual piece you will be buying.

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