Red root floater - Algae preventer

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The Phyllanthus Fluitans portion is an appealing and attractive floating fern that will grow quickly if given plenty of good light and nutrition. It will naturally multiply and spread on the top of the water. Belonging to the spurge family which primarily consists of desert plants however over the years the Phyllantus Fluitans has completely adapted to a different environment.

Ideal for open-top aquariums where the beautiful red colours are shown off (especially with high light). The leaves are fairly small and green on one side and pink/red on the other side.

This is a free-floating aquatic plant with long attractive roots that hang and flow below it which is ideal for tanks with fry as the long roots offer protection and shelter. This plant will need maintaining if you have other aquatic plants below it as it may block out light to them.
Light trimming may be required to stop the over-shadowing of other plants.

It is ideal in open-top aquariums or tanks with good ventilation otherwise the leaves may dry up under the lights.

This plant is not keen on being splashed with water so avoid placing them from a swift water flow or current.

Note: this plant is harvested so when it arrives with you it's lots of smaller pieces not joined together - quite normal as they grow quickly.

by carl H. on 29/12/2020

All were dead on arrival, very disappointed.

by Linda M. on 25/12/2020

This plant for me was a complete waste of money. The little leaves as expected floated round the top of the aquarium, many didnt have roots on them & then disappeared through the filter system.

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