Python Algae Mitt

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Better together


Do you find your glass scraper doesn't quite work as you expect? Maybe you keep going over and over the same spot but it never gets it clean? The reason for that is simple - there's not enough pressure. You see algae magnets are good for very light dusting of algae and really you have to use them every day. This is a bit of a chore so when algae does build up, you need something that's more heavy duty

This is why you need the Python Algae Mitt.

Slip it on your hand and scrub the glass. You'll be amazed how effortless it seems to be...

The mitt shapes to the contours of your hand which means you can get into all the crevases and areas that previously were hard to reach. Not only that but you can clean ornaments, plastics, acrylic with it.

One size fits all

So start today with your Python Algae Mitt and watch the algae disappear infront of your very eyes.

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