Python 22.5 No Spill Cleanfill - special order

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Ordered every Monday for a Wednesday arrival


Are you sick and tired of doing water changes? Do you bust a gut (or your back) doing them and wish there was an easier way to do it?

Well now there is with the Python No Spill Cleanfill.

This simple and effective to use system means you can plug it into your tap and it will do the water changes for you so that you don't have to lug buckets of water around.

Watch the video and see what I mean.

Water changes have never been so easy. All the stress is taken away from you and this wonderfully simple yet clever design means you can perform the water changes you need. Don't forget with a planted aquarium you should be changing 30% of the tank water every week without fail (and double that if you have algae). This job now takes minutes and you will avoid any spills of water onto the carpet.

Enjoy your Python No Spill Cleanfill today. It's saved my back - it will save yours too :)

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