Pre-Grown Water Lily - YELLOW (Sulphurea)

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A beautiful selection of Water Lily's that are SO EASY. Ideal for ponds or water features.

They're pre-grown and designed to be used instantly. No fussing around, no worrying about planting them up etc. Here's how to use them.

1. Unpack water lily from pot and plastic packaging. The netted bag contains coco-fibre which keeps the pond water clean and weighted so it sinks to the bottom.

2. Place the Lily where you want it to grow in your pond. Choose a sunny location.

3. Be patient and wait for the leaves to grow to the surface. Flower normally appear from May to August depending on warmth and sunshine.

It's as easy as that. No fuss, no containers needs or other pots required.

So take advantage of the summer and get your Water Lily's planted so you can enjoy their beauty.

4 different colours available. Pink, Red, Orange or Yellow.

by Ann L.
Received as described on the website. Prompt delivery and healthy plant with full instructions. We threw it in as instructed and look forward to the flowers.


Great to hear - they really are quite lovely plants.

by Tracey C.
Plant arrived in excellent condition and I'm waiting upon it to grow before I buy another one to go in my pond.

by Jason s.
I ordered two of these. One came with visible growth and lots of soil in the netting. The second is just a nub with very little soil. The first has had a little more growth since putting in my pond but the second has nothing at all. Both have now been moved to shallower water for more warmth and sunlight so I'll see if either grow correctly.

by Jacky C.
So easy to use, not had long enough to see any growth, but looking forward to seeing it flower

a very healthy. well prepared plant,recommended.

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