Pogostemon stellatus

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Originating from Australia the Pogostemon stellatus is unusual yet very attractive. It has long firm stems with closely packed leaf whorls and intensely coloured leaf tips.

This plant requires reasonable attention. High CO2 and light levels are a must along with good nutrition. If you get this right though you will be rewarded with great growth, so much so you will have to trim once it reaches the water surface.



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by Kevin A.
All my plants my plants arrived in good condition and are growing well. No complaints. Thankyou kevin.

by Annamaria F.
Lovely plant, great colours, looked great and healthy on arrival. Still going strong in the aquarium.

by Margaret B.
Lovely healthy plant. Approx 8" tall including pot. Well packaged.

by Jackaleen B.
Beautiful plant, love it

by Brian B.
Never tried POGOSTEMON STELLATUS before, but needed something for back of tank. I bought a few of these pots and as usual potted plants arrived well packed, on time and very good quality plants. Aqua Essentials never let me down, excellent outfit! Thanks again AE, Kind regards B

by Mike R.
The plants arrived in great condition and are growing away well in the aqaurium.

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Hi, I have a 2ft deep tank and 179 watts of lights, will this plant be ok ?


Probably yes

What's best way to plant this plant


About 3" deep in a nutrient rich soil

Hi so I’ve heard mixed things about this plant like ppl has grown this successfully in low tech tanks and some ppl said they just used plant fertiliser no c02 . So I wanted to know what u think I use nerto t and ur liquid c02 and have the fluval led light would I be able to grow this plant?


Should be fine with that sort of set up

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