Pogostemon helferi (Little Star)

  • Dimensions: up to 10cm
  • Model: P2021010
  • Origin: Asia
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Pogostemon helferi is a really lovely foreground plant that is very different looking from most others. It’s got curly leaves which makes it distinguishable.

Originating from Thailand, discovered the plant and called it “dao noi” which means little star and some hobbyists still know it by this name today. It’s still found today on the verges of rivers in Thailand and like many plants spends time above and below the water line. The soil it’s found in is predominantly clay and as a result rich in iron - there’s also a lot of calcium carbonate available to this plant which is another reason why it does well in a freshwater aquarium.

Pogostemon helferi grows to approximately 10cm tall. If light is lower then it will reach up to about 15cm but under a bright light it’s even more compact 5-8cm. Most hobbyists like it to look as compact as possible.

When planting it in the aquarium make sure you remove any decaying leaves. As Pogostemon helferi has quite a few, it’s worth taking time to do this - they only rot in the aquarium anyway. When it comes to trimming this plant, you need to remove entire shoots - this helps light to still access the plant as it grows. You can replant any shoots you remove.

It’s also happy without the addition of CO2 which is quite unusual with foreground plants that are generally a bit more demanding. With CO2 and good lighting, it grows fast and stays compact. Lower lighting and no CO2 means slightly taller plants and slower growth. The addition of liquid carbon such as Neutro CO2 is beneficial and will improve plant growth.

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by Jo S.
lovely plant in great condition

by Jo S.
lovely plant in great condition

by Philippa H.
This one was difficult to remove from its potting medium, so I'm giving it some time to grow before being a bit tougher with its roots! For now it seems quite happy and adds some lovely texture to my tank.

by Lindsey R.
Lovely little plant that is growing well in my aquarium.

by Antonia B.
I got express shipping and this lil plant was very green and healthy! Usually online you buy five plants and the seller sends you five leaves on one plant but I got at least six! Not much bigger than a thumb so far but they are growing very well. I'm not using C02, I have a cheap light and 3 minnows. I definitely recommend this plant to beginners and further. So pretty!

by Andrew B.
Really struggled with this. It arrived looking healthy enough but for some reason it never settled in my aquarium. A bit disappointed as I had high hopes it would carpet.

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I have a Fluval Roma 240 aquarium which has 2no. 40w T8 fluorescent tubes. What is this regarding High, Medium, or low lighting as I am considering buying some plants as a carpet layer.


Low to medium

Please help I bought this plant along with some others all with similar requirement but this one isn't doing very well I have it planted in a sand substrate I feed the tank weekly on 20ml easy-life profito and 4ml of easy-life easycarbo. The tank is a juwel aquarium 200l with two T5 hi lights at 28w each as standard. I look forward to hearing your advice.


A sand and substrate is never best option for plants as it offers nothing in terms of nutrients, so that may be part of the problem. However if your plants are suffering try increasing the dose of your fertilizer possibly by at least double and see how you get on.

How much of this would I need to cover my 24 litre aquarium? The dimentions are 40x25cm and I want to carpet about 85% of the bottom. Thanks :).


4 pots should do it

what is the height of this plant?


At the time of writing, about 3 cm

a have a dennerle 30 litre cube with the supplied 11 watt lamp.dennerle scapers soil, no co2, will this plant grow at all in this set up or will it just survive or grow tall and spindly?


It will be OK - might grow a touch leggy but will still look good

Can this plant be attached to wood?



Hi there, Will this plant do well attached to wood? What will it need in this circumstance to grow well as it obviously want be getting soil nutrients? Thank you.


You can attach to wood. Use plenty of fertilisers like Neutro T.

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