Pogostemon erectus

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Pogostemon erectus is a new arrival form India. Growing up to 40cm in height and producing a beautiful bright green glow across its elegant needles. With enough light its a simple plant to grow, don't be afraid to radically prune it to make it grow thicker and more compact.

This plant looks great planted in Nordic Gravel and around a large piece of Redmoor wood.

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by Katharine S.
This plant arrived with others, well packed and healthy. It is currently doing well at the back of my fish tank.

by Simone R.
Great plant, arrived quickly in good condition and is thriving

plant arrived promptly,in good condition and is settling into my tank

by Annamaria F.
Sweet little plant. Looks great, was very healthy and happy when I’ve received it. It has been the same ever since.

by Annamaria F.
Absolutely beautiful plant. Arrived in excellent condition, but unfortunately was eaten/destroyed completely by fish within the first few days.

by Nick S.
I ordered 3 of these plants, which all arrived in good condition and after planting looked great in the tank. After a couple of weeks these appeared to be settled in ok, however I then noticed from day to day that there were quite large pieces broken off and floating, and after about a month they've been completely destroyed by the fish - all stems have been broken off at substrate level. This hasn't happened to any of the other plants in the tank. If you have any bottom-dwelling fish I'd strongly suggest you avoid these plants as although they look nice they're clearly way too fragile to survive any passing traffic. Of course this wasn't mentioned in the description or on the linked blog post, and given that these aren't cheap plants I'm a bit upset about it. I think more should be said about which plants are suitable for different conditions / fish types.

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Is this really a foreground plant when it grows to 40cm?


Good question. although it grows to a decent height it looks much better when trimmed heavily and therefore acts and looks like a foreground plant.

will i need co2 for this plant i have a plant led strip and use sachem plant fertiliser.


not necessary, but always helps

Is it best to leave small plants in their pots or should they all be planted without?


Always remove plants from their pots prior to planting

do they come in pots or in single stems


pot like picture

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