Plants & Shipping

If you live in the UK and your plants do not arrive in perfect condition - let us know! There is no reason why they should arrive anything but perfect condition. But once in a while they do, especially if you choose the cheapest shipping (which is not recommended). We always recommend Express Delivery for plants.


If your plant/s arrive and have perished, we'll need a photograph of all the plants which are damaged on the day they arrive with you.


This is very important. Not the day after or 5 days later.


For example:


If you have 3 plants that have perished then we need to see pictures of your 3 plants. If you decide to throw them out and not take any pictures, then it's your loss. You wouldn't go back to a retail shop and say "I bought some plants but they died" - they'd say bring them back so we can see what's happened right? So please, work with us and provide clear pictures of any dead plants.


If you fail to contact us on the day your plant order arrives we do not offer any credit for plants. The reason for this is simple - we cannot be responsible for plants that deteriorate in your tank, and then take the blame for this. You need to do your research first to make sure the plants you purchase are suitable. Remember, not all plants will survive in your tank, and that is part of the learning process.


When contacting us on the day your order arrives, email us with your photograph/s to - include your order number with the picture/s of your plant/s. Any damaged plants are credited to your Aqua Essentials providing you have followed our steps above in terms of contacting us on the day the plants arrive and before placing them in your aquarium.


Buying plants from overseas


We don't advise buying plants from us if you live overseas.

Quite often they die in transit. If you do choose to purchase, you do so entirely at your own risk. If you do, we are not responsible and you take the full financial risk is they do not arrive or get stuck/rejected in customs.


Due to postal systems abroad, plants can take longer than expected to arrive and we cannot cover for these delays. Temperatures are sometimes hotter or cooler than the UK and aquatic plants will not appreciate being sent in a box in these types of climates so if you do not want to risk it, buy locally. If your plants have deteriorated during transit, we are not responsible.


If they are returned to us for what ever reason (for eg address problems, customs etc) we are not responsible. Sometimes the parcel never makes it to its destination, but is held and destroyed by customs. The customer is often written to advising them of this.


However, it is worth noting that all plants sent abroad are despatched Royal Mail Signed For which is quicker than standard air mail. We ca send via a courier which is quicker - contact us for prices.


You have been warned!