Plants arrived damaged?

If your plants do not arrive in perfect condition - let us know. There is no reason why they should arrive in anything but perfect condition. But once in a while, they can do.


If your plant/s arrive in poor condition, we'll need photographs of ALL the plants which are damaged on the day they arrive with you. Full and complete pictures which show the pot, the plant and damage. Occasionally the odd piece of the plant will come off in transit - this is normal and nothing to worry about and doesn't warrant contacting us. But if your plant is genuinely damaged contact us the day your plants arrive.


This is very important.


Not the day after or 5 days later.


For example:


If you have 3 plants that have arrived damaged then we need to see pictures of all 3 plants including the pots - full shots not part of it. Not a small section of the plant, not part of the plant which has a tiny piece of damage that can just be snipped off - we need to see the full plant to access the overall damage. A tiny picture of part of a plant won't work for this policy so please follow the rules if you want us to take your claim seriously.


If you decide to throw your plant out and not take any pictures, then it's your loss. You wouldn't go back to a retail shop and say "I bought some plants but they died" - they'd say bring them back so we can see what's happened right? So please, work with us and provide clear pictures of any damaged plants.


If you fail to contact us on the day (very important) your plant order arrives we do not offer any credit for plants. The reason for this is simple - we cannot be responsible for plants that deteriorate in your tank, and then take the blame for this. You need to do your research first to make sure the plants you purchase are suitable. Remember, not all plants will survive in your tank, and that is part of the learning process.


When contacting us on the day your order arrives, email us with your photograph/s to - include your order number with the picture/s of your plant/s. Any damaged plants are credited to your Aqua Essentials providing you have followed our steps above in terms of contacting us on the day the plants arrive and before placing them in your aquarium. We do not refund or resend - only credit.


Remember if you don't contact us the day your plants arrive, no credit will apply and there are no exceptions to this rule.