Our Carbon Footprint

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We've always taken great care with what we dispose of as a business and also what we use in our packaging. We're keen to have as small a carbon footprint as possible and we do this in the following ways.

  • We buy recycled cardboard boxes from our manufacturers and we package your products with recycled kraft paper for protection. Both of these can put them straight into your compost bins after the goods arrive with you. Alternatively you can reuse them if you need to.

  • Any cardboard boxes that our suppliers use to send us goods, we reuse them and send them out in packages so these boxes get used at least twice. Again, these boxes are totally recyclable so you can put them in your compost bin when your goods arrive with you. Any boxes that are not suitable for packaging goods, we use as fillers for packages.
  • The paper we print your invoices on can be recycled and is sourced from sustainable forests.

  • We shred 100% of all our waste paper and use that shredded paper to send our freshwater shrimp as protection, so we waste nothing there.

  • Any pallets that we receive are collected by a company that reuses them.

  • Any food waste that we have (from lunches etc) we recycle with our cardboard.

We do everything possible to recycle anything we can. It is our responsibility as a business to do our very best and we are determined to look after the environment and help other businesses follow our example.