Organic Catappa Leaf - Perfect for Fish and Shrimp

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Catappa leaves have long been used in the shrimp hobby to encourage breeding and establish suitable water conditions so the shrimp are content. Catappa leaves are found naturally in their native environment and this is one of the reasons hobbyists use them.

Size Guide

  • 15cm (approx)

The leaves have been air dried and have been packaged to retain their freshness so that when placed in the aquarium they achieve the desired results. Some other benefits are:

  • Helps to cure fish with bacteria infections such as damaged fins
  • Enhances fertility of fish
  • Enhances natural colour of fish and shrimp
  • Lowers pH
  • Adds essential trace elements to your aquarium

We recommend 2 leaves per 20L of water. Once the leaf decomposes replace. If trying to breed shrimp, use 3-4 leaves per 20L and leave in the aquarium until the shrimp have consumed the leaf.

Rinse all leaves before placing in aquarium. Once you have used Catappa leaves you'll wonder how you didn't know about them earlier!

by Stefan K. on 7/2/2020

Very good.

by David? R. on 11/4/2019

Top quality. Great price point. My shrimp seem to love them.

by Rob W. on 15/2/2019

I bought 10 of theses leaves in the hope of them making the tank water brown, but even after putting 4 small ones in, I'm still waiting. That aside, my fish and shrimp (especially my shrimp) love the leaves so I can recommend them.

by Caz S. on 25/1/2018

Fish happy !

by Darren F. on 16/5/2017

Great! much bigger than local aquarium store

by Alex P. on 23/11/2016

Nice. Great value, and good for my shrimp. Turns the water very very slightly brown, but thats all part of the effect. You wont notice it from a distance though. These are still quite big. I had to rip mine up for a 20l tank

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Is this going to benefit my betta?


yes it will help them

What do I do with them? Do I need to secure at the bottom of the tank or let them just float?


Just put them in the tank and they'll sink in a few days

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