Ohko Rock Box - 80L Aquarium

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The Ohko Rock Set contains a selection of small, medium and large rocks (size 6-16cm) suitable for aquascaping your planted aquarium. The rocks provide multiple shades of grey and are ideal for creating a natural-looking aquascape that can be enhanced further with the addition of some live plants (a must of course).


So who is this set for?


Ideal for hobbyists who have small aquariums where they want a range of sizes all in one convenient box. It does take into account that you will have plenty of plants in your aquarium.  On the back of the box is a planting scheme that gives you an idea as to how and where the rocks should be placed - use this as a guide.


Who else is this box for?


It's nicely packaged so apart from making a present for yourself, it would make a lovely gift to anyone you know who is interested om the hobby. We can send it to any other address in the UK too (making it the perfect surprise).


This set of Ohko Rock contains 11 rocks, size 6-16cm

by Shaun G.
Takes a lot of washing to get the dust/ mud off, but my is it worth it!

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