Nymphoides aquatica bulb

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Nymphoides aquatica is known as the banana plant, It is given this name because of its banana-shaped roots which store nutrients. The rounded leaves differ in shades of green and can produce a flower in good light conditions.

Can be grown rooted or as a floating plant and thrives with low light and well-oxygenated water, It can be propagated from the runners and by splitting the rootstock up and re-planting. The roots should not be fully buried in the substrate.

by Alexander L. on 31/12/2016

excellent plant a very beautiful feature in my 50l scapers bio

by Arlene M. on 22/11/2016

I was delighed with my banana plants when they arrived with the rest of my order, they were in very good conditions with 1 plant having 3 leaves.and the other having 2 . I put 1 in the tank with my platy fry which like to swim in about it and the other went to the tank with their parents and my rice fish, look forward to see them settle and grow now . Will be looking to purchase more ?

by Steve G. on 13/11/2016

I love this little plant hanging off of my bogwood, I lost two of my 3 leaves due to a couple of mishaps but it still seems happy and a new stem is starting to appear but very slowly. well worth having in your tank and my ottos and bristlenose catfish like to keep it clean with no damage.

by James Casswell on 28/4/2016

this plant looks amazing and is easy to manage it makes and amazing impact in my tank and when ever people see it it instantly starts a conversation

by James Casswell on 21/4/2016

the plant arrived healthy with a few new leaves growing on it already, its rooted quickly and is a brilliant 'odd ball' plant in my jungle tank

by Keith Allie on 12/4/2016

I love this plant it looks great in my tank i wish i had got 4 but next time

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Hi guys could this plant be carefully attatched to some redmoor root and grow sucessfully?

Sure that would work no problem :)

Hi, what's the water parameters for this plant, such as temperature, Ph,CO2?


The usual. Wide range of temps and pH. CO2 not required.

Are these plants very big ?( aka what sise tank could it go in). Could it go in my 10 l tank with a bit/ lot of trimming


nope! a 10L tank would be fine :)

does this plant like high flow (I would like to put it next to the output in filter).


Might be ok there 

Hi, on the description it says the plant can be left as a floating plant, if I leave it floating on the water surface will it root down to the substrate for it's nutrients or will it get what it needs from adding Nutro T


Might do both! I personally recommend planting it like a bulb

When will this be back in stock?


don’t know atm

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