Nymphaea stellata Bulb

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A beautiful bulb that develops with lovely brown/red leaves. These will reach to the surface of your aquarium making them particularly useful for tall aquariums. Similar to Nymphae lotus, but the leaves are more pointed as opposed to rounded.

The leaves can become quite large and offer excellent protection from the light for fish such as discus.

This plant is unlikely to cause many difficulties in the aquarium as it grows in a wide range of water conditions. It can survive in warm water (up to 30 degrees) and is ideal for a discus tank. When placing in your aquarium, simply place it on the top of your substrate - do not push into the substrate or they will rot.

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by Alex K.
Of the 2 I bought 1 has shown a couple of tiny leaves, but that's all. However the other has grown in spectacular style! Lovely leaves at substrate level, and several on the surface

by Yuriy S.
I received the bulb in almost exact conditions as per the image in the online store. I had to place the bulb in a bucket with a fresh water as my new tank was not yet ready. To my surprise the bulb started producing roots and new leaves while in the backet. Once placed in the tank it continued a healthy grows pattern. Now the bulb is rooted nicely and I have a beautiful view with quite a good number of leaves that grew and stayed close to the bulb with constant emerging of new shoots that quickly reach the top of my tank (i keep trimming them from time to time). Very happy with my purchase.

by Caroline E.
Large bulb, can see tiny new leaves beginning to appear.

by James B.
Already sprouted leaves.

by Mark D.
Nothing happened for the first 3-4 weeks. There’s about 6 small strands coming from it now, about 6mm long & the width of a hair, so I live in hope!

by Andrew W.
Arrived quickly and well packed. Already had leaves and roots. Now growing new leaves. Recommended.

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Nymphaea stellata (nouchali?) v. Nymphoides aquatica in a small 5 gallon tank that's taller than it is wide? The tank is cylindrical, about 30cm diameter by 60cm high. Which is more likely to thrive poking its leaves out the top and still leave enough space and light for fish underneath (bettas)? Or neither in that space? Thanks!

Opt for stellata

I have one of these nymphaea bulb and recently it shed all its leave and stems they've never grown back but it's not dead. Is it normal for this to happen? Thanks :)


Quite normal so don't worry :)

How do you plant it?


simply place it on the aquarium soil and give it a slight wiggle - that's it

does the bulb have to be fully under sand, as some bulbs dont always have to be fully submersed


we recommend that bulbs are placed on the substrate or buried to a maximum depth of 1/3.

Can this grow with sand substrate?



My bulb, which I placed in the aquarium and forgot, seems to be some kind of super grower. It shoots out new stems and leaves every couple of days which grow SO rapidly to the top of the tank - 55 cm - that I'm renaming it The Triffid. So if you need something fast . . . . .

Hi, I have a 3ft deep tank, would the leaves reach the surface ? Thanks.


Yes they most likely will.

How big is the bulb,bought some lately and there absolutely tiny,don't mind paying top dollar as long as it's worth it


The average size of the bulb is 3-4 cm.

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