Nymphaea lotus Bulb

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  • Dimensions: Maximum height 40cm
  • Model: 3816
  • Origin: South East Asia
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A beautiful bulb that develops with lovely brown/red leaves. These will reach to the surface of your aquarium making them particularly useful for tall aquariums.

The leaves can become quite large and offer excellent protection from the light for fish such as discus.

This plant is unlikely to cause much difficulty in the aquarium as it grows is a wide range of water conditions. It can survive in warm water (up to 30 degrees) and is ideal for a discus tank. When placing in your aquarium, simply place it on the top of your substrate - do not push into the substrate or they will rot.

by Jerry H.
Took 2 weeks to sprout but looks great once it did

by sheila C.
Arrived looking very healthy but so far haven't done very much. Still live in hope

by George B.
Probably a bit too early to review. Started sprouting quite quickly but kept getting moved around by fish so anchored it down with pebbles. No seems to be growing vigorously with leaves and shoots. Looking forward to leaves reaching top of tank and maybe flowers. If that happens would definitely give five stars.

by David L.
Received very small bulb. Went mouldy after a few weeks. Binned it.

by Donato N.
Been in my tank a month and it hasn't flowered

by Agostinho U.
I cannot really comment and therefore give a mid point mark. There was no growth after a few days - perhaps not yet. Then one day I saw my shrimps were actually grazing on the bulbs!! Avoid it if you have bulb as it will become very expensive slack.

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Hi,what is the best way to plant this bulb please.


Simply drop into place. That's all we do!

How long does it take before growth happens? I’ve had them in a few weeks and still nothing growing. A white fungus on some of them though, is that normal?


can take weeks but fungus doesn’t sound good

take it out and smell it. A bulb which is alive doesn’t smell and is firm

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