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The 'Not So Perfect' range of plants is a selection of perfectly healthy plants but do not meet our 100% perfect 'range' of plants that we have on offer.

These plants may be too small, too bushy, too top heavy, not enough stems per pot, have some slightly browning leaves, be part of our 'home grown' range and just not done so well however all of these plants will no doubt flourish and grow in your aquarium but are just not up to the standards we have set ourselves, hence the bargain price!

These are a bit like our Lucky Dip plants so you will NOT be given the choice if it a background, mid ground or foreground plant.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK to avoid disappointment. 

You cannot choose what type of plant you will receive and the picture is purely an example. We guarantee they will be a bargain but please because these plants are SO cheap, don't complain! They are very cheap because they are not perfect.

Image shows a typical example of the types of plants you might receive. As you can see some have brown leaves, some are overly bushy, some have missing stems, some are light bleached, however if you fancy giving them a try for a bargain price...go for it.

If you want 4 plants for example, add 4 to the quality box.

by Lina M. on 4/4/2019

one received was not even aquatic plant, rotted after two days in aquarium. price 0.99 was reasonable, but for some reason it was lifted to 1.49. two day delivery time is unsuitable for those dying plants

by Tom P. on 29/3/2019

I ordered the last 8 units and 4 were implantable. Bit of a let down really even at the price. To be fair to aquaessentials I onl showed them photos of one and I was given a credit for it.

by Colin F. on 14/3/2019

If this is an example of "less than perfect" can I have access to your waste bin please

by dave f. on 7/3/2019

I always use aqua essentials for everything but stem plants as the quality of the plants is excellent i was surprised that all of the nsp plants I got were carpet plants hair grass and dwarf baby tears but as I'm setting up a new tank was very happy

by Kathy G. on 18/2/2019

It may be classified as not perfect but I think it is beautiful and looks lovely covering a corner of the tank

by Peter R. on 11/1/2019

pretty good quality given the price, the plants have been in the tank for a few days now and are beginning to get established. Well worth taking a chance and see what you get.

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Hi Richard , Do the 99p plants need o2. ? I've got a internal filter someone told me that it's a waste of time getting O2 with a internal filter is this true? Regards Catherine


You mean oxygen? Or did you mean CO2?

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