Nomaphila stricta

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Known also as the Giant hygrophila the Nomaphila stricta originates from Southeast Asia. Reaching heights of up to 50cm each plant can grow leaves up to 12cm long and 4 cm wide!!! Each long pointed leaf will be a deep purple green colour protruding from thick green stems.

This plant will look best planted in three or fours and amongst rocks or wood.

by Andy P. on 4/9/2019

Very pleased with these. Big healthy plants that arrived well packed and in less than a week already have aquatic leaves.

by Philip Litherland on 13/8/2015

Arrived in Isle of Man the day after ordering. Very well packed. Excellent quality. 8.5" tall and 5 stems per pot, meant tit could be split into 2 plants. Not as dense/many stems as Hygro Siamensis 53B ordered at the same time, but still a nice plant.

by Amber Worgan on 30/5/2014

This just grows and grows and grows! Great plant as a filler - in no time at all it's reached the top of my 60cm tall tank with plants shooting up out of the substrate after just 3 weeks! highly recommended and also another that is Goldfish safe!

by Bruce Parrott on 6/3/2014

Beautiful plant growing strongly already, excellent service as usual. Many thanks!

by mark pettican on 24/5/2013

great plants , great service and great value . every single transaction is the same . in my experience you cant go wrong with aqua essentials

by Robert Rowell on 7/5/2013

Now I know why people buy potted plants instead of bunched! Fantastic quality, I'm not going to buy plants from anywhere else now!

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whats the best way of trimming it when it gets too big? (where on the plant)

Chop it in half. Simple as that.

My plant seems to have died off quickly. I used root tabs when planted in sand. What can I do to revive it? Also have LED lights on for 7.5hours per day. Thank you


Which liquid fertilisers are you using?

What about substrate?

Substrate is sand. And I’m using Nutri Caps Root ferilizer from my local maindenhead aquatics.


Your plants are not accessing the root tabs yet so they have no food available - this is why they’re dying. Combined with LED lighting, they’ll not last long.

use Neutro T and Neutro CO2 as liquid fertilisers to get them back on track

Why is the LED lighting no good? Every fish shop is recommending them? Thank you for your help.


LEDs are great - just very powerful for plants. Powerful lighting like LEDs mean you need more fertilisers and more CO2 in order to create a balance.


I can control the brightness on mine with the app! I know I’m a geek. Would you recommend dimming them down to suit the plants? Sorry for the questions I’m new at this but really don’t want fake plants.


Yes dim them

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