Nomaphila stricta fleur

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Originating from Asia the Nomaphila stricta fleur is a beautiful fast growing stem plant that given the right conditions can grow up to 40cm in height. The leaves are 2-3 cm in length and are a deep green in colour. This plant will often need trimming due to its growth rate.

Looks great planted in a group of 3 or 4 and amongst rocks or wood.

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by Stuart A.
Superb Value. Excellent healthy plants, in fact each pot split into 4 so I got 12 strong plants from 3 pots.

I was very pleased with my plants when they arrived,they were very well packed,and all my plants are very healthy, Many thanks to aqua essentials,

by Keith Allie
i got this plant just to see how nice it looked i only got 1 i really should have got more very very lovely plant looks fantastic in my 100 liter tank my fish love it

by David Pugh
Lovely plant came well packed next day about 30cm tall lots of bright green leaves and 4 plants to the pot great value

by Mark Roe
Received very quickly and in a vibrant dark green colouration. Would buy again!

by Edward Markham
4-5 really healthy looking shoots. Very pleased

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