Nomaphila siamensis parvifolia

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  • Dimensions: up to 15cm
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  • Origin: South East Asia
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Nomaphila siamensis parvifolia also known as Hygrophila compacta Mini is a small and compact aquarium plant that suits the foreground location. Deep green coloured leaves are packed in tight - for this reason brighter light is required.

As this aquarium plant grows, the lower leaves drop off, particularly if light levels are not perfect. But when the light is good, you'll even see red tones which makes it look quite uique.

Most suitable for the foreground area.

by Ian J. on 16/3/2019

Very sturdy compact plant great foreground plant

by Clive C. on 24/1/2019

Found this plant on the website, did some research on it and found out in its emersed form it grows purple flowers. Think a row of these in a paludarium or riparium would look good.

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