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NeutroX is a highly stable, premium grade DTPA iron chelate for  the prevention and correction of iron deficiency in a planted aquarium. Iron plays a very important role in plants because it cannot be transported from older leaves to new ones. This means without enough iron in the water, new leaves can suffer. An obvious sign of an iron deficiency is yellowing leaves. If you see unhealthy leaves such as this, the sooner you dose NeutroX, the better. Acting fast is a solution but prevention is always better than cure.

In a CO2 infused aquarium where plants grow faster, deficiencies can occur surprisingly quickly. Maintaining sensible levels of this micronutrient requires testing and regular dosing. It's good practice to make sure your water circulation is excellent (so all fertilisers are moved around) and you replace at least 30% of your aquarium water per week (as a minimum but the more the better).

It's also worth noting that fertilisers such as this DO NOT cause algae which is still a common misconception in the hobby, based on outdated and incorrect information (but we now know better).

Dosage: Add 10ml per 100L until your iron concentration reaches the target level of 0.2 part per million (ppm). After that use as needed (normally 2-4 times per week). Monitor your iron levels with a quality iron test kit and adjust dosing accordingly. For experienced hobbyists you will be able to approximate how much to be dosing without testing. Look for early signs on new plant growth.

For testing your Iron levels use the JBL Iron test kit - other brands like AquaOne do not work.

Note: No health hazards are involved when dosing as instructed and like all the Neutro range they're completely safe for livestock such as fish and shrimp. For best results use in conjunction with Neutro CO2 and Neutro T or Neutro+. If you need further information contact us on 01363 774-787

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