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Neutro TerraTabs are powerful all in one capsules that are designed to be placed into your substrate so that your plants can begin feeding through their roots immediately. It's worth noting that plants will absorb through their leaves first (and quickest) but if you want to give your plants the best food they can (so they look and grow into stunning specimens), then TerraTabs are for you.

History of TerraTabs:

After years of using other branded root tabs, we wanted a capsule that was powerful and small. Research showed most brands used very low quality materials, fooling the consumer that theirs were the best. Sadly, cheap fillers mean poor quality and plants didn't do well with the majority. Poor growth and root tabs that didn't break down, therefore provided zero benefit.

We decided to change all of this...

These capsules really pack a punch and here's why:

  • The ingredients of the capsules are especially developed for planted aquariums which need easy access to nutrients.
  • High concentrations of nutrients means plants grow faster and show off their real colours.
  • No cheap fillers mean pure quality - plants need the best so why cut corners?
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe for shrimp
  • Will not effect pH

Decide how many capsules you need. It's advisable that once open, use all the root tabs - moisture in the air can cause the tabs to stick together. Using clean and dry tweesers, take 1 capsule at a time and place into the roots of the plants, roughly 3cm below the surface. Use 1 capsule per area 15x15cm.

Root tabs are not designed as a replacement to a nutrient rich substrate but rather offer as a compliment, so when substrates begin to deplete (or preferably just before), pop the tabs in immediately. For a really turbo charged substrate, you can scatter them around the base of your tank, then top with substrate.

The capsules dissolve in water so when you start placing them into your tank, be as quick as you can. Also ensure the pot which they are stored in remains dry and free from any moisture.

Each capsule is designed to last 3-4 months in your aquarium, so after that, simply pop more in to allow the plant to keep growing.

Ingredients of capsule:

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (Macro Nutrients), Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc (Trace Elements).

Start using Neutro Terra Tabs today and watch your plants grow into beautiful specimens.

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by Tanya J.
I have only just started using this product with the liquid fertiliser. My plants are doing really well, wether it’s the liquid fertiliser or the combination of them both I don’t know. The only reason I gave it a 3 star is I find the capsule can sometimes break when I am getting it in to the substrate.

by john c.
Have used them as the packaging says used 25 for a trigon 190 liner corner tank. Plant growth is better but not as I expected.

by John M.
Plants have started growing really well since I have used theses

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how often should I add more tabs?


every 4-6 months

It doesn’t hurt to put them in every one or two month’s does it? I doubled down and used all 50 in a month and my tank looks good!


The more the merrier (literally)

It's like eating loads of good food. Only going to help plant health.

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