Neutro Shrimp Guard - Large

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Inside diameter 1.6cm

It's very easy for your external filter to suck up small shrimp or fry with the standard inlets that come with most filters. The Neutro Shrimp Guard gets round this problem. Made from stainless steel, it simply fits onto your filter inlet tube with ease and stops all shrimp and fry being sucked out of your tank.

Easy to clean by removing from the tank and rinsing under tap water.

Tip: Warm the rubber section in hot water before inserting over piping.  The Stainless Steel Filter Guards fits over the filter's intake pipe, not over the strainer.

by David? R. on 11/4/2019

The fitting isn't 100% right due to movement within the seal itself. Otherwise I recommend it for shrimp keepers and fish breeding tanks using external canister filters. Fantastic pre filter. Just not the top build quality. I do recommend this for the reasons above.

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