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Neutro Pure is a water conditioner that detoxifies chlorine found in all tap water. It has a simple yet effective formula meaning it's easy to dose and works immediately. By adding Neutro Pure into fresh tap water before adding to your tank, means all your livestock remain safe (and your filter bacteria) from the negative effects of your untreated tap water. For those unaware, chlorine burns the gills of fish and shrimp and kills good bacteria found in your filter which is why it's essential to use.

In general, the chlorine level of tap water varies across the UK. For the purposes of covering all bases, we've assumed your chlorine level is 2ppm (parts per million). In some places, it may be less than this.

Dosing: Add 5ml per 50L (or 1ml per 10L) to untreated tap water. Add to your empty bucket before filling up with tap water (and not the other way around) and only treat the water you are replacing.

Note: If you wanted to be really accurate when dosing, contact your local water supplier to find out the chlorine level in your tap water. If your chlorine level is 1ppm, simply reduce your dosage to 1ml per 10L making Neutro Pure even more economical.

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by Diana I.
Love the fact there's no smell to the product, it's great quality with easy instructions, I only have a small nano tank therefore the small bottle will last me a while. Worth the money for sure.

by Stuart M.
Neutro Pure is a very economical water conditioner, concentrated so I use less of this than my usual product, I have 80lt and 450lt tanks which due to work I only get the time to water change fortnightly. I do a thorough gravel clean then up to 70% water change, using Neutro pure has given great results with no evidence of fish stress after the large water change and good test results. Now my go too product for water conditioning.

by Alison B.
I'm converted! Great product & great price. The dose is 1 to 2ml for 10 litres which is half the amount I was using with another brand. It will save me quite a few pennies! I've been using it every other day this week. 30% water changes on my 30 litre tank, & possibly 75% max water changes on my 300 litre tank as I've been pulling up plants & replanting. The product is clear & odourless. The measuring compartment is brilliant. No adverse effects on livestock. I keep a Betta & Amano Shrimp in the 30 litre, & Neons, Cherry Barbs, Rosy Tetras, Otos & a King Tiger Pleco in the 300 litre tank. Highly recommend


Thanks Alison - lovely review

by Damon P.
Neutro Pure, tried and tested, you’ll like it if you’re clumsy with maintenances like me because it doesn’t stain, doesn’t smell and what’s even better, it’s not a thick blue liquid. Even though it seems to be more concentrated. It can treat more with less product. (5ml per 50litre of tap water) Definitely my new Go-To tap safe!

by Carolyn T.
Another great product from Neuto. Easy to understand useage instructions and supplied in a handy twin necked dosage bottle. Good value and would definitely recommend.

by Mark N.
Great dechlorinator! Removes Chlorine AND Chloramines quickly AND effectively! Unlike other manufacturers, you aren't paying for fancy packaging. Instead, the you get a great product at a very reasonable price! I would definitely recommend this alongside the other Neutro products.

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Does Neutro Pure also remove Chloramines?


No - detoxification of chlorine 

What’s the reason for adding to empty container before adding water rather than the other way round?


So it mixes well.

Is this similar to tetrasafe/aqua safe


Yes but much more economical 

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