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Neutro+ is a liquid plant fertiliser which provides trace elements and macronutrients (NPK) for high tech planted aquariums. The definition of 'high tech' is injecting with pressurised CO2 with moderate to high lighting. This all in one solution makes dosing really easy. The results are impressive and plant growth is better, healthier, quicker and stronger - but only if you dose as recommended.

Dosage: This product needs to be dosed daily so that your plants have a steady stream of nutrients. There's little point in dumping a week's worth of fertilisers in one go. Simply add 5ml per 100L every day. It doesn't matter what time of the day you dose, as long as it's every 24 hours. Over time as your plants grow, you need to increase the amount of Neutro+ you are adding. Larger plants need more food than they did, let's say a week ago. If you don't give them the food they need, the plant will struggle and algae will begin to take hold.

It's worth noting that regardless of what type of planted aquarium you have (i.e. low tech or high tech), we recommend using Neutro CO2 which is a liquid carbon supplement (see related products for more information). This will help all plants not only by adding another source of carbon, but also keeping any algae at bay.

Bottle sizes: Small = 500ml,  Medium = 1000ml,  Large = 2000ml

The bottles have a cap which measures 10ml. In order to dose, you can pour directly into that or use one of our dispensing bottles (which is on the better together promotion on the right-hand side of the screen).

Shake the bottle well before use.

by Lisa K. on 14/2/2021

Ever since I started using this plant food my tanks look amazing. The plants are stronger and healthier and are much bigger. I won’t be going back to my old plant food! I do use pressurised CO2 but the difference has still been very noticeable.

by Mike R. on 4/1/2021

I have used this product for some time now and I can thoroughly recommend it. The plants in my aquarium are thriving.

by Gerald O. on 17/9/2018

Excellent fertiliser plants grow really good

by Mike R. on 9/6/2018

First class product. Mt tank has never looked better since I started using Neutro+ all the plants are thriving.

by Terry H. on 15/3/2018

Fast reliable service..great product

by Jason W. on 2/12/2017

excellent product

Ask a question about this product
Does the copper affect shrimp?


hi. i just want to make sure if this product is safe with dwarf shrimp. red cherry shrimp i have. thnaks


hi, i am using a yeast based Co2 kit but am unsure on which fertiliser to use. I know i need to use neutro Co2 but am unsure if i need neutro or neutroT


If you are using any type of CO2, pressurised or DIY you need Neutro+ and Neutro CO2

I haven't got a co2 unit can I still use it?


In that case you need Neutro T.

Neutro+ is too much nutrients for your tank.

Does Neutro cause green water because my water is slightly yellow/lime green. Or is it not related to dosing with this fertiliser? Thanks :)


excess lighting nromally causes green water - how long is your lighting on for?

10.30-5.30 so seven hours but I have just added some of that purigen stuff and its cleared right up :-)

does this have iron in it and do you use liquid co2 with it


Yes it has iron and use liquid co2 in ANY planted tank

I use Neutro , Neutro and Neutro CO2 every day in my 450L tank. Im dosing 10mL of Neutro CO2, 15ml of Neutro and 20ml of Neutro every day at 11am just before lights on. My tank uses pressurised Co2 from a reactor so is well saturated. The results are really excellent so I guess I am only tweaking now. As I use an auto dosing pump, is there any real benefit in dripping at intervals throughout the day?


glad to hear all is well - a regular stead stream of nutrients is always best so if you can do that it's worth it.

Remember to dose the Neutro CO2 just before the lights go on - this will result in better results.

Does this contain nitrate and phosphate ?


Yes it does – those are a both essential macronutrients for plant growth in CO2 infused aquariums 

Hi, I use an auto dosing pump to add my fertiliser and neuto co2 daily. I currently use easy life profito and am keen to switch to this product. Would this fertiliser be suitable for use through an auto dosing pump? I’ve found some brands have a lot of sediment that either causes blockages and/or needs regular agitation. Thanks Andy


good question - we do recommend shaking bottle once in a while to avoid sediment build up.

As above I also use an auto doser, would you say giving it a mix/stir once a week is enough or would it need it every day?


Depends on room temperature. Once a week is probably good enough.

Hi my phosphate levels are quite high, if I use a phosphate remover will it have any effect if I’m dosing both plus and co2 plus, I’m using pressurised co2 as well


I don't recommend phosphate removers. Afterall phosphate is a macronutrient for plants so why remove it? It doesn't cause algae either so leave it in there.

Wicked thanks! There’s so much miss information out there it’s unbelievable. I read that high phosphate can cause algae. Least I know I’m on the right track now ????

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