Neutro Glass Bubble Counter

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Glass bubble counter used for displaying CO2 bubble rate in your planted aquarium. The sleek design of this glassware makes equipment unobtrusive.

Recommended set up is:

[1] Fill the bubble counter with water.

[2] Connect CO2 tubing from the regulator with non return valve

[3] Connect non return valve to bottom of bubble counter with silicone tubing (place non return valve close to bubble counter)

[4] Connect the top of the bubble counter with silicone tubing, then connect with diffuser

If you have a solenoid, place it under/below the non return valve. Therefore the set up should be:

solenoid > non return valve > bubble counter > diffuser

Compatible with pressurized CO2 tanks & DIY yeast bottles.

by James Wakelin on 2/7/2014

Great piece of kit, just remember to fill the vial with water before you connect the tubing, and to put a finger over the bottom end so it doesn't all come out. Very useful to keep a Non Return Valve connected to the bottom of the this bubble counter to prevent any water travelling further into your tubing.

by Alan Edwards on 25/3/2013

A nice quality bubble counter, works really well with the bubble counter fluid also available from Aquaessentials.

by Robin Smith on 28/12/2012

Works perfectly, packaged very safely and was delivered very quickly.

by Darren Pritchard on 5/11/2011

a simple design which works as it should. I think the addition of the Ae brand logo would not go amiss.

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