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Neutro Combo - Low Tech is an ALL IN ONE kit for the Low Tech (non CO2) aquarium. You make a little saving too!!

Neutro T is a liquid aquarium plant fertiliser which provides all the necessary trace elements including iron for your low tech planted aquarium. Low tech means aquariums which are not using pressurised CO2.  The ingredients in Neutro T are special. They work quickly and effectively when dosed as recommended. Your plants will show the benefits of this product and reward you in no time.

Dosage: This product needs to be dosed daily so that your plants have a steady stream of nutrients. There's little point in dumping a weeks worth of fertilisers in one go. Simply add 5ml per 100L every day. It doesn't matter what time of the day you dose, as long as it's every 24 hours.

If you are using CO2, then you need to dose Neutro+ which contains trace elements and macro nutrients (it's an all in one solution). So Neutro T for low tech planted aquariums and Neutro+ for high tech planted aquariums.

However regardless of what type of planted aquarium you have, we recommend using Neutro CO2 which is a liquid carbon supplement (see related products for more information).

Bottle sizes:1000ml


Neutro CO2 is a liquid source of carbon for the planted aquarium.

For those of you not familiar with it, carbon is essential for all healthy plant growth and can be provided via gas, or liquid. The liquid form is less potent than gas but still very effective. It won't make your plants pearl (this is when you see O2 bubbles coming from the plant) but it will help them grow. Plants that have access to liquid carbon will do far better than those without.

What happens when plants don't have access to carbon?

Tap water has zero carbon in it so if you're not adding any to the water you can safely assume you have no carbon at all. So if you're not dosing it, plants will not photosynthesize as they should. As a result, they stop growing (or show stunted growth) and can't compete with algae for nutrients and the downward spiral begins. If this carbon deficiency continues, plants inadvertently (out of their control) release sugars and other nutrients which attract algae and it's these sugars and nutrients they so desperately need, but just can't hang onto.

It's a bit like vomiting (sounds gross but true). Without carbon, plants lose energy, nutrients, health and well-being. Their colours disappear. The end result? Algae everywhere.

So you can see why it's actually very important to dose carbon and why we recommend that all plants receive a daily dose because, without it, they will always struggle.

So the sooner you dose liquid carbon the better.

Can I double dose if I have algae?

You can - for short periods but no more than double. It's important to understand that if you do have algae, your tank has an imbalance and this isn't just down to carbon, it's other nutrients versus the amount of light you are pumping in.

Can I spot treat?

It is possible to spot treat plants or wood that have algae growing on them. Simply by using a pipette and extracting some Neutro CO2, squirt the carbon onto the plant or wood when it is outside of the water. Wait for 10 seconds then put it back into the water. You can also do this when performing a water change (it's easiest that way). But if you leave liquid carbon on for too long you will kill the plant.

DOSAGE: Add 1ml per 50L every day. It doesn't matter what time of day you dose this product, but it does need to be added every 24 hours.

Bottle sizes: 1000ml

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by Jonathan B.
A nice combo set for my low tech aquarium. Having been using it for over a year.m now the plants seem to love it. Would be nice if the combo set included a half size liquid carbon as you use half as much compared to the ferts. But it all keeps and works really well.

by David H.
Great service good quality product plants look really good after being used

by julie a.
I've used these 2 products since I first set up my low tech, cool temperature tank and the results have been extraordinary. Years ago when I first started keeping tropicals these products just weren't available and I struggled to keep plants growing, now I cannot stop them. The root growth and plant growth is amazing even when I've transplanted them to a temporary tank during a house move. No crypt melt, just continued growth. I'll never change products.

by Andrew D.
Great product, I brought the small set to start with as you get the very useful measuring bottles, and now brought these to top them up. I’m getting great growth in my low tech 200l tank, currently dosing 15ml a day of the ferts (increased it as plants grew, may trail 20ml a day soon) and 5 of the liquid carbon. Arrived quickly and packaged well.

by Tony R.
A very easy way to supply new plants with carbon and nutrients. Water has remained clear and plants are growing well.

by Tanya J.
I have been using this fertiliser combination for a few months now, I can certainly say my plants are doing really well and thriving.

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Hello. Does NeutroT contain copper. I am buying some Amano Shrimp and need to know that the fertiliser won’t harm them.


Yes as it's a trace element for plants but in small amount. For that reason it's perfectly safe with shrimp.

Is the neutro co2 shrimp safe?



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