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Neutro CO2 is a liquid source of carbon for the planted aquarium.

For those of you not familiar with it, carbon is essential for all healthy plant growth and can be provided via gas, or  liquid. The liquid form is not as potent as the gas but is still very effective. It won't make your plants pearl (this is when you see O2 bubbles coming from the plant) but it will help them grow. Plants that have access to liquid carbon will do far better than those without.

In addition to this, if you over dose Neutro CO2, it can have a negative effect on algae (it helps reduce it). However you need to take care when overdosing, and increase it slowly. Perhaps 25% extra, then monitor the results. We do not recommend more than double dose.

It is also possible to spot treat plants or wood that have algae growing on them. Simply by using a pipette and extracting some Neutro CO2, squirt the carbon onto the plant or wood when it is outside of the water. Wait for 10 seconds then put it back into the water. You can also do this when performing a water change (it's easiest that way). But if you leave liquid carbon on for too long you will kill the plant.

DIRECTIONS: Add 5ml per 250L every day. It doesn't matter what time of day you dose this product, but it does need to be added every 24 hours.

Bottle sizes: Small = 500ml,  Medium = 1000ml,  Large = 2000ml, XLarge = 4000ml.

This bottle has a cap which measures 10ml. In order to dose you can pour directly into that or use one of our dispensing bottles (which is on the better together promotion on the right hand side of the screen).

by Ivor Gray on 29/8/2016

First time trying Liquid Carbon and appears to be sorting out my hair algae problem

by graham h smith on 25/8/2016

Well pleased with this product,10/10 recommended, will use again G h smith

by Catherine Booth on 22/5/2016

Good value larger size.

by Christine Needs on 22/4/2016


by Paul Sharpe on 4/1/2016

very good product, very reasonably priced, this is the only carbon i will use now.

by Gina Field on 22/9/2015

Bought this as it was on deal, glad I did.

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