Neutro Bromo Blue 100ml

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Neutro Bromo Blue solution can be used with all drop checkers and is the only solution you should be using in a drop checker. Does not require mixing or anything else.

Directions: Add a few mls to your drop checker, then pop the unit directly into your aquarium and wait to see the colour change. Ideal colour to aim for green. Blue means too little, yellow means too much. Adjust your CO2 output accordingly.

You may also want to consider the 3ml Pipette which is used to dispense the Bromo Blue liquid into the drop checker.

If your drop checker stays blue you simply need more CO2. Simple as that.

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by Philip K.
Good value for money.

by Darren C.
I was paying out more for a named bottle that was only 10ml !!! I tried this along side my regular drop checker solution and it works exactly the same, wish I’d found this earlier !!!

by Paul L.
Not used yet.

by John K.
ready to use, large bottle and good value

by Diogo F.
Fast delivery and easy to use. Does what he says on the tin.

by Stuart W.
A good price and fast delivery.

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hi my Solution has gone green in the bottle is this sill ok to use ?

The solution has to be blue in order to work properly. You need to replace yours.

How often do I need to change Neutro Bromo Blue solution in Neutro Drop Checker and how much solution are you supposed to use ?


Most change it every few weeks and use enough bromo blue to fill your drop checker at least half full.

What is the shelf life of this product once it is opened.

Depends how it's stored and how often it's opened etc. But about 2 years in ideal conditions.

I have just set up my planted tank but I have not started introducing CO2 yet. It has been running several hours now however I can already see the color has turned green. Does this mean there is enough CO2 in the water for the time being or is it an indication of something else? Many thanks...

If you have not introduced any CO2 there can't be any in there. The colour change refers to your pH which is what a drop checker actually measures.

how is this best stored ? mine has gone green in the bottle after just a couple of months

Pls contact the office with your order number and we will issue a replacement :)

I'm not familiar with drop checkers - is Bromo Blue safe for fish? I often find that rubber suckers come away from the aquarium glass after a while and it looks as if the Bromo Blue would mix with my aquarium water if that were to happen.

You only have about 2ml in a drop checker so it won't do much harm. If in doubt always do a water change. I also recommend replacing your suction cup.

My solution remains blue no matter how much CO2 keep pumping from the canister into my tiny 25L fish tank. Not sure what to think, I changed the solution again but still blue. Please help.

You need more co2 or better water circulation

Hiya, my solution turned a 'dark green' do you think i should increase the bps to make it lighter as seen in the pictures?


Yes - dark green is not ideal. Light green is much better.

All changes to CO2 must be done slowly over several hours (preferably days if you have livestock)

This isn't changing colour(dark blue). I have increased the bubble count and still no change. I tested the PH and KH then checked 2 charts and I was in dangerous terrortory / fish could of died. What is going on?


It suggests your CO2 flow is simply not enough. What size is your tank and what is your current CO2 flow rate?

Are the CO2 bubbles being well distributed?

What's the pH of your water out of the tap?

I use a inline diffuser. I have 160L tank. I use remineralized RODI water. I have changed my drop checker to another solution to test/check and this changed to green. When using Neutro the ph went to 6.7 at with a KH of 6 and still was blue.


How many bubbles per minute with your diffuser?

Most other solutions are weak so register a change quickly. It also means they become transparent too when the pH drops which is useless.


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