Neutro BLUE CO2 tubing - per metre

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Premium quality blue CO2 tubing for planted aquariums.

4mm internal, 6mm external.

This tubing is very different to all other types of on the market in terms of what it is made of - other brands do not use the right type and as a result the tubing becomes brittle and leaks gas. This tubing will last indefinitely - in fact we're still using the same tubing from about 6 years ago.

Fits all CO2 glass diffusers on our website.

Sold per meter so if you want 4 meters, add 4 to qty box.

Tip: To attach tubing to CO2 glassware, dip the end of the tubing in boiling water for 2 seconds, then simply push onto the glassware (easy peasy...!)

by Eric H. on 20/11/2019

Very robust tubing, quite stiff but flexible enough

by Jeff T. on 25/2/2019

What can I say. It’s c02 tubing. Reasonable price. I hope it lasts. Not so sure about the blue colour, black would be easier to hide. Good delivery. Well done.

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