Natures Grub Corydoras Sticks with Garlic - 80g

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  • Dimensions: 2.5mm
  • Model: CS80
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If you have Corydoras - they're going to love this food spefically for them. A complete 2.5mm sinking food for all species of Corydoras. Insect based food replicates as close as possible the diet they would have in the wild.

Inline with this, the Natures Grub Corydoras Sticks has no preservatives orcolours making it 100% natural - just like all food should be.

Feeding guide: Twice daly, as much food as your Corydoras will consume with 4-5 minutes.

by Tom P. on 14/3/2018

My fish go crazy for these. The corys and Bolivian Rams love them more than any other food. Love this site as never would have found these otherwise.

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