Myriophyllum mattogrossense

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Myriophyllum mattogrossense comes from beautiful Brazil and the feather-like leaves make it an instant favourite. Swaying in the current you can see why it rose to popularity so quickly. Place it in the mid-background and trim it often to keep the bushy effect. Apart from that, it's easy to grow and you will love it for sure.

A good starter plant.

This plant does not have roots so once you have received your plant, remove from pot, discard the rockwool, separate the stems up and plant into your substrate about 2cm apart. Push them down a few cm to anchor them in place. - See more at:

by John S. on 24/1/2020

Delivered quickly and in very good condition. Split in to three plants all of which are growing well in the aquarium.

by George P. on 27/1/2019

Vibrant healthy plant . Well packaged . As described. Would recommend.

by Carol H. on 2/10/2018

This product arrived well pachaged and in excellent condition. Now in the aquarium and it looks fantastic

by Morteza R. on 15/5/2018

Amazing leaves but the plant I ordered has already lost two branches.

by Samantha D. on 21/2/2018

Very healthy and almost grows as you watch. I have this in a low level light betta tank.

by Ceri R. on 2/2/2018

Plenty of plant stems and nice quality, growing well with nutro t and co2

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How much area does one of these pots cover.


About 15x15cm

How far should I space the plants apart? And to trim and keep busy effect how far down should they be trimmed? Thank you ????


Enough so light can get to the bottom. Typically this means a couple of cm apart.

Trim 50% each time.

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