Marimo moss ball (Chladoflora)

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Chladoflora (marimo moss ball) is an unusual aquarium plant that is extremely easy to keep in tropical environments. Create a fetching look by scattering about the aquarium in clusters.

Needing virtually no attention, these attractive plants look great in any aquarium and are particularly popular with shrimp keepers. Shrimp will love to hop on them and spend hours cleaning away! This velvety, aquarium plant is on average 3-4cm. The picture shows 3 moss balls so if you wanted 3, you would need to add that number to your shopping cart.

Tip: If you moss balls are floating, give them a gentle squeeze under water so any air within them is squeezed out and replaced with water.

by Ej T. on 13/8/2018

Good for the money

by Jose N. on 20/7/2018

Looks great in the fish tank .

by Alan F. on 17/7/2018

Excellent product and who can argue with the price at 79p, 3 squeezes and ball sank to the bottom and is happily rolling around the tank

by Judy F. on 17/6/2018

Very pleased with healthy mossballs and prompt delivery. Mossballs are doing well in my low light fishtank. Goldfish seem to like them but don't eat them!

by Brenda M. on 9/6/2018

Very pleased. Such good condition and a good size Deffo will be returning as a customer

by Kay G. on 6/6/2018

I bought 7 Marimo balls, to sit at the front of my tank where the action is - directly under where the food falls as I believe Marimo need a little movement to keep them round and healthy; my catfish roll them about shuffling underneath them for food and I'm delighted to say they really suit the skittish, swishy disturbances that my big Silver Dollars make, thankfully they don't attempt to eat them either:)

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Does this plant need liquid fertilisers? Thanks.


So you don't have to have special conditions or anything?


Nope! They need very little in order to survive.

how quick do they grow?


Not that fast - in fact quite slowly...

my moss balls are floating will thay sink


Give them a good squeeze underwater and they will sink

Do moss balls need replacing after a certain amount of time or do they continue to grow and absorb nitrates?


They continue to grow

If I broke the moss balls up to make a moss carpet would it die?



Could I tie this to shrimp tubes with your clear thread to make a carpet?



Will these survive in a temperate aquarium without any heating in the tank - tank is in a living room which is always warm



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