Mixed Box of Aquarium Plants - 50L Tank (12 Pots)


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By going for one of our Mixed Boxes you are making a MASSIVE saving as each plant works out to be JUST £3.50 each!!

With an aquascape in mind, we've put together a superb mixture of 12 premium quality potted aquarium plants that has been chosen by our experienced Plant Manager. These are not your average plants and you won't find anything like it elsewhere - in fact the complete opposite. Super fresh, well rooted, strong, healthy and algae free. This is a surprise box of plants that will vary each week depending on what aquarium plants we have in stock. You will not find better quality anywhere - we guarantee you that.

You now have 2 choices - choose whether you want:

  1. Standard - selection of plants from the main area of the greenhouse. Perfect for beginners.
  2. Premium - selection from entire greenhouse where our premium priced plants are added along with rare or slow growing species that cost more.

Mixed boxes are perfect for anyone who's considering setting up a planted aquarium but are looking for an economical start with the highest quality aquarium plants available in the UK. You may not be sure which plants to choose so leave it up to us and we will do the selecting for you. Our expert Plant Manager knows just what looks right with the correct colour combinations and sizes.


  • 12 high quality potted plants
  • A selection of foreground, midground and background plants.
  • Superb value for money.
  • Great saving.
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 50L.

Once you receive these plants we know you'll be absolutely delighted with the choice and quality. Aqua Essentials has an amazing reputation for quality and we always live up to it. Once you receive your mixed box, it's entirely up to you as to how you plant them in your aquarium. Always remove them from their pots and rockwool and then give them space to grow.

Don't forget your fertilisers when choosing your plants. Without fertilisers, you don't give plants the food they need to grow. We use Neutro Fertilisers in our nursery and we recommend you do too.

by bernard c. on 9/8/2019

very well packaged fresh and green

by Christopher M. on 25/4/2019

Absolutely spectacular. It's two weeks now since they were added, haven't lost a single plant and everything is growing rapidly. I fully expected some melt back until they acclimatised but haven't even seen any of that yet. Everything was well rooted and of a decent size, it was difficult to decide what pack to go for as I have a Trigon 190. In hindsight, I could have bough a smaller pack size due to the rapid growth, I'm definitely going to have to start hacking some back very soon! There are far cheaper out there (I've bought them in the past) but these are actually far better value for money when you consider the quality and the size. Right from the day I planted them they looked good and gave my new tank a massive kick start. Very happy, I can highly recommend this pack!

by David C. on 4/4/2019

I wanted to redo my fish tank and had been visiting aquaessentials website and the forum. Aqua essentials was well regarded so i bought the mixed box. The plants arrived very quick, packaged well and great condition. I highly reccomend this company and certainly will use them again

by Vernon H. on 10/12/2018

good value

by Graham H. on 18/6/2018

Very well packaged - good condition plants. Been in for about a week and all doing well. In fact I have only had 1 leaf die off which came as a result of my own handling. A range of front, middle and back ground plants were shipped and it was nice to see plants tagged up too. The perfect plant selection for anyone not really too bothered about what plants they have but do want it to look good.

by andy s. on 3/6/2018

all plants doing very well lol so good i just orderd more plants

Ask a question about this product
Do you provide delivery to Cyprus and do you have in mind when choose plants light parameters


We can ship these plants to Cyprus.

The plants are chosen according to what is surplus to our stock. If you're after specific plants with certain lighting requirements, it's best to purchase those individually.

I am a complete novice, having recently been given a 75L tank with existing fish (3 black ones - look like molly's, 3 tetra, 1 japanese fighting fish, 2 algae eaters and a small speckled brown fish/molly??). The tank has 3 plastic plants which the fish seem happy with but is it easy for a complete beginner to take on plants too or is it hard work? There isn't even any gravel in this tank, just the 3 plants and a hiding bridge for the 2 algae eaters. I want to be realistic about the time I can spend looking after the fish. Tank has Fluval U2 filter and a heating rod. Would like to give the fish a happy life :). Many thanks.


The good thing is keeping plants is easy - we offer a lot of advice and information on our blog and literature we send out with each order.The plants in this mixed box are simple to keep too.

You really do need some gravel as a bare minimum in your tank, not only for your plants to anchor down in, but it also looks a lot nicer than a bare bottom tank :)

So have fun, you'll get huge fulfilment from aquatic plants and you've also come to the best place online for them ;)

Is it possible to have a choice of plants for a tank with normal lighting and no c02? Also, how many varieties of plant are included? Thanks

Yes that's possible. Just leave a comment when checking out. Expect to get 5 species in a mixed box of 10

is your mixed box plants suitable for a discus tank with a water temp of 29c and with co2 injection


You would need the Discus mixed box of plants https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/discus-mix-10-aquarium-plants-for-a-70l-tank-p-5363.html

I'm thinking about ordering the 70L mixed box. Some of the comments refer to splitting the pots - is this the recommended approach or would it be better long-term to leave the plants in the supplied pots without splitting them? Thanks.


plants should never be left in the pots so always remove them

Is the mixed box safe for tanks with shrimp


Yes - all our plants are 100% safe for use in shrimp tanks.

Hi I have a 65 ltr tank with 8 goldfish and 1 black moor complete with filter and lighting I would like to put plants in the tank but I like the idea of the selection box of ten the only problems I have will the plants be suitable for a cold water set up including the lighting and also will the plants be able to survive with the amount of fish I have in there ... Please help thank you


You'll need to choose plants suitable for cold water tanks. This mixed box is for tropical. Have a look back in the sub categories and you will see which cold water plants we offer.

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