Mixed Box of Aquarium Plants - 100L Tank (24 Pots)

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Better together


By going for one of our Mixed Boxes you are making a MASSIVE saving!!

With an aquascape in mind, we've put together a superb mixture of 24 premium quality potted aquarium plants that has been chosen by our experienced Plant Manager. These are not your average plants and you won't find anything like it elsewhere - in fact the complete opposite. Super fresh, well rooted, strong, healthy and algae free. This is a surprise box of plants that will vary each week depending on what aquarium plants we have in stock. You will not find better quality anywhere - we guarantee you that.

You now have 2 choices - choose whether you want:

  1. Standard - selection of plants from the main area of the greenhouse.
  2. Premium - selection from entire greenhouse where our premium priced plants are added along with rare or slow growing species that cost more.

Mixed boxes are perfect for anyone who's considering setting up a planted aquarium but are looking for an economical start with the highest quality aquarium plants available in the UK. You may not be sure which plants to choose so leave it up to us and we will do the selecting for you. Our expert Plant Manager knows just what looks right with the correct colour combinations and sizes.


  • 24 high quality potted plants
  • A selection of foreground, midground and background plants.
  • Superb value for money.
  • Great saving.
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 100L.

Once you receive these plants we know you'll be absolutely delighted with the choice and quality. Aqua Essentials has an amazing reputation for quality and we always live up to it. Once you receive your mixed box, it's entirely up to you as to how you plant them in your aquarium. Always remove them from their pots and rock wool and then give them space to grow.

Don't forget your fertilisers when choosing your plants. Without fertilisers, you don't give plants the food they need to grow. We use Neutro Fertilisers in our nursery and we recommend you do too.

by Darron P. on 23/2/2020

Fantastic selection of plants and great service

by Eric P. on 23/2/2019

Received the plants on the 8th Feb. Planted the same day. Within 2 days, obvious signs of growth from the bulb and from some of the plants. Sunday 16th my tank sprung a leak so everything out and replanted in new tank. Pleased to say, not one plant lost. Extremely pleased with the quality and variety of plants. More plants already on my wish list.

by Mark S. on 21/12/2018

I receive these plans two days before my due date good job there is someone home to plan then . Phone them on the Saturday left a message got no reply .two of the background pants took them out the rapper and they just fell apart . The other plants were of good quality .

by John M. on 24/8/2018

Good quality plants all doing well in my tank. Next day delivery excellent service thanks.

by Donna R. on 30/7/2018

Good selection of very healthy plants. Each pot contained about four stems which gave us great coverage. We thought that there would be far too many plants for our tank however they were spot on and overnight we had a great improvement in the water quality. Arrived next day, beautifully packaged so if there had been a delay the plants would have been fine. Will use AquaEssentials again.

by robert g. on 9/7/2018

Problem with delivery delivered week early but sorted out.Very nice plants. Thank you. Bob goodchild.

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Hi, I have a 140 litre tank and just purchased a co2 system. I have goldfish and worry they might pull the plants up but there is less chance if the plants are rooted. The water temperature is about 21 - 23 degrees centigrade. I have JBL aquaBasis plus subtrate and 2-3 mm grain size gravel. Will the mixed box of 20 pot plants be ideal or can you recommend something else? Kind regards David

Hi David This box will be just fine for you!

Hi, i have a 125ltr tank and i'm using aquatic soil as a substrate. I also have a Co2 system, and medium lighting. I'm pretty new to the hobby so i'm looking for hardy, easy to care for plants. Would this package suit me? Rgds Lee.

Absolutely - this box of plants would be ideal

Mixed Box 20 Pots - For a 125L Tank Is this suitable for a low tech tropical tank? Or would i need to use your Neutro C02


It's for a medium tech tank but good idea to use Neutro CO2

This is my first tank to bear with me..:) I want to buy your Mixed Box 20 Pots - For a 125L Tank (low tech) and I will be adding Neutro T Aquarium Fertilizer as recommended Would using you liquid CO2 product be beneficial aswell? Thanks Dan


Yes use Neutro CO2 with all plants :)

Hello, I was wondering what sized collection you would recommend for a trigon 190, Id like a focal point piece of bog wood then planted all round, wasn't sure as because of the corner shape? using ada aqua soil, EI ferts and co2 dosing. many thanks!


Good question. This one would suit you most https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/mixed-box-of-aquarium-plants-150l-tank-p-5359.html

I have a 500lt tank, and want to plant up for the first time. It has been set up and running for 10 days, so is it ready. I have a co2 system in place. How many plants should I plant out with. I would like to create a good effect. Would you be able to supply a planting out guide to what would look best in what position.


for a 500L tank we have this mixed box


We don't offer a planting guide as such but it's clear from the plants which you would receive as to their location. Their tags also show how high they grow to make it easier.

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