Mixed Box of Aquarium Plants - 200L Tank (48 Pots)

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With an aquascape in mind, we've put together a superb mixture of 48 premium quality potted aquarium plants that has been chosen by our experienced Plant Manager. These are not your average plants and you won't find anything like it elsewhere - in fact the complete opposite. Super fresh, well rooted, strong, healthy and algae free. This is a surprise box of plants that will vary each week depending on what aquarium plants we have in stock. You will not find better quality anywhere - we guarantee you that.

You now have 2 choices - choose whether you want:

  1. Standard - selection of plants from the main area of the greenhouse. Perfect for beginners.
  2. Premium - selection from entire greenhouse where our premium priced plants are added along with rare or slow growing species that cost more.

Mixed boxes are perfect for anyone who's considering setting up a planted aquarium but are looking for an economical start with the highest quality aquarium plants available in the UK. You may not be sure which plants to choose so leave it up to us and we will do the selecting for you. Our expert Plant Manager knows just what looks right with the correct colour combinations and sizes.


  • 48 high quality potted plants.
  • A selection of foreground, midground and background plants.
  • A combination of either all potted plants from the greenhouse OR a mix of potted plants and tissue cultured plants (which allows for the very best selection, range and colours).
  • Superb value for money.
  • Great saving.
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 200L.

Once you receive these plants we know you'll be absolutely delighted with the choice and quality. Aqua Essentials has an amazing reputation for quality and we always live up to it. It's entirely up to you as to how you plant them in your aquarium, but always remove them from their pots and rock wool and then give them sufficient space to grow.

Don't forget your fertilisers when choosing your plants. Without fertilisers, you don't give plants the food they need to grow. We use Neutro Fertilisers in our nursery and we recommend you do too.

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by andrew k.
Very good plants delivered well packaged in great condition, have been planted for 3 weeks and already showing good growth, would recommend.

by Ian R.
Used the fix my tank service which was excellent and easy to follow. Had purchased plants from Aqua Essentials before but as I was refurbishing my tank it was recommended that the 200lt mixed box set was required.I wasn't disappointed the plants arrived quickly and every one in excellent condition with a very pleasing selection. I also use Neutro t and co2 regularly and following Richard's instruction on water changes the plants are thriving and growing well.I would highly recommend and am very pleased.

by David T.
The plants come well packed and doing well,only lost 3 plants so far,will get more from them then I needed too.

by Dean T.
absolutely loved the plants I received, only issue I had was a couple of the pots didnt have labels on them so I wasnt too sure on if they was front/mid/back plants, but a quick look through your website helped me out there, would 100% reccomend these and I will definitely be buying more in the future

Ordered the mixed box to save having to select the plants myself.The selection was good and although they took four days to arrive they were in good condition.(Guernsey address) Very pleased with AE and all the advice and information available.

by Dan B.
These plants were delivered in fantastic condition. The information on the labels was clear and easy to understand. I'm over the moon with how my tank looks now and couldn't recommend aqua essentials more highly.

Ask a question about this product
are all plants suitable for planting in substrate?

Absolutely :)

I am just building my 260 l tank and want to plant it up. I am putting an under-substrate heating element in for the benefit of the plants. Could you advise what substrate to use for these set of 40 plants please? Do I need different types to include a fertiliser etc? Thank you

Under substrate heating for plants is a waste of money and doesn't work! Save your money. I recommend Colombo FloraBase for all plants as a substrate. Use Neutro T as the fertiliser if your are not using CO2

Does this set include Hemianthus callitrichoides and Utricularia Graminifolia? We are looking to get a nice carpet in the tank:)

No - those 2 plants are considered difficult plants. If you did want them purchase them separately :)

re Hemianthus callitrichoides and Utricularia Graminifolia: OK, fair enough...What carpet plants do you typically include?

They vary from week to week so not set ones.

I am setting up my first planted tank Fluval Roma 240l with tetra complete substrate and unipac maui. No CO2 or substrate heating. Would the 200L pack of plants be sufficient.Aquarium base is 120cm x 40cm.Thankyou


Yes it would be about right :)

I like the idea of this plant selection for my new 240 litre tank but I would ideally like to use micranthemum Monte Carlo for the foreground. Would it be possible to have these included or is it strictly pot luck as to what you get? And if it is would I get something similar?


if you're after a specific plant then always best to choose those separately. Monte carlo's don't tend to go into mixed boxes due to their cost

I have a gravel substrate only, but I will ge using root tabs and liquid fertilizers, will these plants be ok with them or do I need to put a different substrate under my gravel?


Plants would prefer a nutrient rich substrate but with regular fertilising and plenty of root tabs the plants will be fine.

What sort of quantity of substrate do you think would be needed for these plants in a 120cm aquarium?


2 of these bags


I've not kept fish for around 20 years and I see so much has chaged. My systems were air undergravel filters. So the new tank will have external and plant substrate plus CO2 not decided yet if I will go gas or liquid. But do you still run an oxygen pump? To help oxygenated or do the plants replace the need to?


Yes a lot has certainly changed over the years. I would recommend liquid carbon in your instance as you are making the transition back into modern planted tanks. We sell a product called Neutro CO2 which I recommend along with Neutro T.

An oxygen pump is not really needed these days unless you have low plant mass. However I do recommend a circulation pump, We also sell a range of these. Use your filter for filtering the water and a circulation pump for moving all the fertilisers around.

I'm setting up a 4ft bow front around 260lt and can only afford the 200lt box of mixed plants atm. I'll be using gravel base, bagged with a low ammonia soil bagged separately onto

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