Microsorum windelov on Wood - Nano

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  • Dimensions: Wood ranges from 12-18cm in length
  • Model: p200931
  • Origin: Cultivated
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The Microsorium windelov on Wood has been grown to create this amazing looking centre piece for the planted aquarium.

A fine-looking Microsorium Windelov has been attached to an attractive piece of bogwood and left to mature and attached itself to the bogwood. One of the most popular combinations due to the diverse difference in shapes, this is very easy to keep and grow.

Please note each piece will vary in size and shape however the picture shows a 'typical' looking piece.

Ideally place in smaller aquarium and occasional fertilising will help the plant to flourish.

by Stephanie S. on 11/12/2019

Super arrangement - looks good in tank - certainly order again from this company

by James M. on 21/8/2019

Very impressed with the quality and size, condition of the item. Excellent value for money!

by Jon S. on 16/8/2019

I was so impressed with my first one I had to go back and get a second. Brilliant addition to my tank.

by andrew C. on 31/12/2018

Rather weak looking and didn’t get any better

by Jose N. on 13/10/2018

Good product

by Douglas S. on 18/10/2017

I was very pleased when the order arrived the day after it was ordered and in excellent condition.. Looks good in my wifes nano tank. well done.

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is this plant suitable for freshwater tanks


absolutely :)

Hi, this looks great - is the bogwood pre-soaked? (ie not likely to float up to surface?!). We've just bought 2 Bristlenose Plecs

It's half in water but should sink

Hi what length are the pieces of wood please?

Wood ranges from 12-18cm in length

Would it be too small for the Biorb 30L ? If yes what on wood is recommended for the Biorb 30L?

It would be just right! Go for it :)

Would this plant be demolished by hungry goldfish or would it be hardy enough to survive?


They normally leave these plants alone :)

How tall will the plant itself grow?


not very big - probably 4-5 inches

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