Microsorum windelov on Wood - Floating

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  • Dimensions: Approx 20-25cm long
  • Model: p2020166
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This is the perfect piece for a planted aquarium where you are looking to add a 3 dimensional look. The suction cup means this piece of wood can be placed wherever you like just by pushing the cup firmly on the glass, giving the aquarium a totally different look.

An attractive looking plant with leafs that cascade upwards in a 'palm-like' fashion. Add a little interest to your aquarium with this striking plant decor. The microsorium and moss is very easy to keep too.

Helpful Tips:

  • Preferred water temperature is 20-28 degree.
  • Ideal water chemistry is pH 6-8.4.
  • Can be kept in a low to high light environment.
  • Suitable in both CO2 and non CO2 tanks.

Please note each piece will vary in size and shape however the picture shows a 'typical' looking piece.

by Linda W. on 10/6/2019

Great item. Ideal for giving that extra focal point. Plant in very good condition. Nice size.

by Reggie W. on 6/7/2018

Great idea to add some depth and interest to aquascaping. I was skeptical at first as suction cups can sometimes be a pain but this has never unattached in 4 weeks .

by John C. on 27/3/2018

Surprised at the quality and the size execellent

by Jamie b. on 12/2/2018

Smaller than i was expecting but impressed with the overall look great addition to my aquarium.

by Steve Brooks on 22/8/2016

Good product, it looks great and is growing well. Only minor issue is the sucker keeps folding back on itself and it slides down the tank as a result. Easy fix with a new one, would recommend as it looks excellent.

by Rhona Port on 3/9/2015

As soon as it was in the tank occupants were all over it, very healthy and my vampire shrimp have made it their second home. It certainly gives a three dimensional look to the tank and this would be a great addition to those who keep semi aquatic animals such as crabs or amphibians or small turtles as it is easily removable in case a light rinse is required; best part is for those who have bare bottom tanks such as Axolotls but want something that doesn't get uprooted. Once again a brilliant purchase on a great product.

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