Microsorum windelov on Wood - Floating

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  • Dimensions: Approx 20-25cm long
  • Model: p2020166
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This is the perfect piece for a planted aquarium where you are looking to add a 3 dimensional look. The suction cup means this piece of wood can be placed wherever you like just by pushing the cup firmly on the glass, giving the aquarium a totally different look.

An attractive looking plant with leafs that cascade upwards in a 'palm-like' fashion. Add a little interest to your aquarium with this striking plant decor. The microsorium and moss is very easy to keep too.

Helpful Tips:

  • Preferred water temperature is 20-28 degree.
  • Ideal water chemistry is pH 6-8.4.
  • Can be kept in a low to high light environment.
  • Suitable in both CO2 and non CO2 tanks.

Please note each piece will vary in size and shape however the picture shows a 'typical' looking piece.

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by Helen M.
Lovely addition to the tank ,looks great . Lovely fresh plant .

by Linda W.
Great item. Ideal for giving that extra focal point. Plant in very good condition. Nice size.

by Reggie W.
Great idea to add some depth and interest to aquascaping. I was skeptical at first as suction cups can sometimes be a pain but this has never unattached in 4 weeks .

by John C.
Surprised at the quality and the size execellent

by Jamie b.
Smaller than i was expecting but impressed with the overall look great addition to my aquarium.

by Steve Brooks
Good product, it looks great and is growing well. Only minor issue is the sucker keeps folding back on itself and it slides down the tank as a result. Easy fix with a new one, would recommend as it looks excellent.

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