Microsorum pteropus XL

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  • Origin: South East Asia
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A large leaved aquarium plant with attractive dark green leaves and small sturdy stems. A really easy to keep aquatic plant that asks very little of its water parameters. Best to plant on a rock or stone where the roots trail and it reproduces easily.

Severums and other fish that often eat softer plants seem to dislike this particular plant.


  • Preferred water temperature is 22-28 ºC
  • Ideal water chemistry is pH 6-8.4.
  • Can be kept in a low to high light environment.
  • Suitable in both CO2 and non CO2 tanks.
  • Midground plant

Note - the picture is a guide only and what you receive may be smaller (or larger) than the picture as we are not the growers and therefore cannot control the size. If you need to know specifically what size the plant is that we have atm, drop us an email and we can let you know.

by Tom B.
Plant in excellent condition

by Peter R.
Not the best specimen I've had unfortunately. The plant arrived with quite a few already dying off large leaves and was smaller than other XL specimens I have purchased in the past. Luckily plants grow, but still a little disappointed. Otherwise I'd highly recommend Aqua Essentials as a reliable and trustworthy vendor.

by Ann W.
Plant didn't look so good when it arrived and i want to float but i overcame that and now it is looking good

by carl r.
ive bought this plant twice now and both times I've been stunned at the quality of it! size wise it's huge and you won't find a more healthy plant!! BUY NOW lol

by Andrew H.
Fantastic plant. Lovely size and vibrant green colour with loads of roots bargain for the price. Arrived well packed will definitely use this company again.

by Pablo L.
Massive. Too big for my 50ltr but perfect for my 150ltr. Full strong plant that the fish just love playing in.

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How tall are these plants?


At the moment about 30cm

could I add these into a garden pond


I wouldn't recommend it for a garden pond. It would need to be warmer.

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