Microsorum pteropus trident

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  • Dimensions: Maximum height 40cm
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  • Origin: Asia
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Originating from Asia the Microsorum pteropus trident is one of many different varieties of this species, each with their own leaf shape. The 'Tridents' leaves are narrow with side lobes and are very fragile looking.

This plant is extremely undemanding and will grow best tied to rock or wood. Light isn't an issue as this plant will grow well in both low lighting and high lighting tanks.

by Trish H. on 4/2/2020

MICROSORUM PTEROPUS TRIDENT I ordered 3 of these some time ago and they were all good sized, very green and healthy. They are growing well even in the short time i have had them. I will purchase more when they are back in stock. A beautiful java fern with narrower leaves than the typical form but I've found better growth with this than windelov but that may be because I bought the latter from a different retailer!

by Stephen S. on 9/1/2020

Quick delivery, reasonable prices for quality plants, will use again and recommend to family and friends ????

by Marc L. on 5/2/2019

Plant arrived in excellent condition. Still quite small but thriving with new growth and already developing new plants on the ends of the leaves. Looking excellent on manzanita wood I purchased from Aqua Essentials.

by RUSSELL B. on 25/10/2018


by Heather M. on 12/8/2017

Excellent, attractive shaped leaves and growing well

by Teresa T. on 26/1/2017

Beautiful plant and growing very well.

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Could you please tell me how wide this plant grows as the height is fine but the width of the space is only 4inches. Its to be placed on rock in between other plants.


wider than 4 inches - but if you keep it trimmed you'll be ok

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