Microsorum pteropus on Wood - Floating

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  • Dimensions: Approx 20-25cm long
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This is the perfect piece for a planted aquarium where you are looking to add a 3 dimensional look. The suction cup means this piece of wood can be placed wherever you like just by pushing the cup firmly on the glass, giving the aquarium a totally different look.

An attractive looking plant with leafs that cascade upwards in a 'palm-like' fashion. Add a little interest to your aquarium with this striking plant decor. The microsorium and moss is very easy to keep too.

Please note each piece will vary in size and shape however the picture shows a 'typical' looking piece.

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by Scott R.
I brought two of these for my tank as well as some plants on wood, and moss on wood to give my tank almost a jungle feel. It worked fantastically. All the plants are growing well, the branches sticking out all over the place. All my fish love darting around between them, couldn't be better! Will definitely use this shop again, very impressed

by Simon C.
Stunning! This has grown so, so well. Lovely lush green, and the sucker pad is an ingenious idea!

by Simon C.
Beautiful. As always! Many thanks

by Simon C.
Absolutely stunning. First of all, genius idea as the sucker allows you to position high or low anywhere you like for any look you’re going for. Wood and plant of super high quality. Will be back to buy more!

by John Mcglynn
Fantastic product, filled the corner of the tank up nicely & fish took to it straight away

by Sharon Martin
Love this, would highly recommend

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Hi I have large severums in my tank but do have some java fern on wood which they are ok with, how hardy are these plants or are the other floating wood more suitable regards Kev


Along with anubias they are the hardiest.

Hi, The one I got did not have moss on it, but it does look great. Kind Regards C DT


They don't come with moss :)

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