Microsorum pteropus on Lava Rock - Large

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  • Dimensions: Approximately 20-25cm length
  • Model: 008 YLX
  • Origin: Cultivated
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The Microsorium pt. on Lava Rock has been grown to create this amazing looking centre piece for the planted aquarium. Keeping a plant this way is a bit different to the rest but it looks quite spectacular! This plant is hardy which means that it's suitable for beginners and up. Simple place the rock where you want it and you have an instant centre piece!

  • Easy to grow
  • Makes a great centre piece
  • Provides instant impact
  • Can be placed to hilde filters or pipes
  • Easily moved so if you fancy having it in a different position, no problem!

Please note each piece will vary in size and shape however the picture shows a 'typical' looking piece.

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by Kenneth B.
Perfect thankyou was bigger than expected plants are all healthy & lush Would highly recommend look perfect in center of my 125 litre tank A+++++

by Ivan Y.
The plants I receive from Richard of Aqua Essentials are always excellent quality and are usually larger than the size you are expecting. The plant I have just received was no exception and, as always, was very well packaged.

by Jose N.
Very please with this product arrived the day after order .

by Geoffrey P.
Superb quality plant and at a sensible price

by Geoffrey P.
Superb quality plant and at a sensible price

by Arthur D.
Absolutely gobsmacked with this one. Plants can't possibly be better than this. My tank is small, but has a finished effect far better than I could have imagined.

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Hi, is this 20/25cm across or in height? I'm wanting to replace some taller plastic plants in my Juwel Vio tank, in order to hide the filter. Also I only have live plants on wood and rock because I only have a gravel substrate, I add liquid bio carbon daily but would easy plants like this benefit from a CO2 setup? Thanks.


This one is about 25cm high and wide and is fine in your type of set up :)

What are the approximate dimensions of the rock please?


Approximately 20-25cm length

Would this suit a fluval edge 46 ltr?


Possibly. Depends on the look you're after. As the main feature, then I'd say so.

How tall will it grow


around 40cm but dependent on your conditions

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