Microsorum pteropus Latifolia

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The Microsorum pteropus Latifolia is a large leaved plant with attractive dark green leaves and small sturdy stems. Very similar to other microsorums apart from a different leaf shape.

A really easy to keep aquarium plant that asks very little of its water parameters. Best to plant on a rock or stone where the roots trail and it reproduces easily. Severums and other fish that often eat softer plants seem to dislike this particular plant.

by Richard B.
Took a few weeks to adapt to medium to high lighting, but after 6 weeks shooting new roots and foliage

by Michael B.
Very nice healthy plant

by Sarah C.
Arrived in great condition and is growing well . Thank you

by George F.
Perfect quality,good size. 10/10

by Colin S.
as always in great condition

by Margaret P.
Plants arrived in excellent condition and like all plants that I receive a great asset to my tank.

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what are the roots like?


They don't really have roots. That's why you tie to wood or rock

Perfect plant,nice size and delivered quickly


thank you

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