Microsorum pteropus (Java fern)

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Originating from Asia the Microsorum pteropus is one of many different varieties of this species, each with their own leaf shape.

This plant is extremely undemanding and will grow best tied to rock or wood. Light isn't an issue as this plant will grow well in both low lighting and high lighting tanks.

by Robert B. on 28/6/2019

Great plants, customer service and general experience. Will be back for sure

by Jason S. on 24/6/2019

Plant came in good condition and was twice as large as I was expecting, actually got two fairly large specimens for the price of one by the time i split it.

by David D. on 26/4/2019

I was able to split plant down into 2 or 3 decent sized individual plants, as well as a further 3-4 smaller plants. All growing well in a low light non-co2 tank and the growth is still incredible. It's been planted for two weeks and I've had to trim longer leaves weekly, with lots of new growth from the Rhizome, I've tied it to driftwood, or wedged into small cracks in the wood just above the substrate.

by Raymond S. on 14/4/2019

Very nice plant, good price.

by Martin B. on 4/3/2019

Very good plant fitted well in my tank,delivery was excellent

by david j. on 21/2/2019

1ST Class Plant Thank you

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Is this ok in a non CO2 tank?


This plant does fine without CO2 (even better with!)

Hi. Is the price per pot? Thanks.


Yes :)

helo is pesticides used on the plants ,would they be safe for a shrimp tank?

No pesticides are ever used on our plants and they are safe for use with shrimp tanks.

Hi what price can you do on 30-40 plants if i were to order, as that price is a bit steep to buy in decent numbers

10% off for that qty

As you don't use pesticides as per a previous comment, is there a chance of having snail arrive on a plant? (it's not an issue if there is as I have some snail ravanous dwarf loaches, but just wanted to know)

Does the plant actually come in/with the pot?


Highly unlikely any snails on the plant as they’re kept out of water

Plant comes with pot

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