Microsorum pteropus (Java fern) Eco Bunch

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Originating from Asia the Microsorum pteropus is one of many different varieties of this species, each with their own leaf shape.

This plant is extremely undemanding and will grow best tied to rock or wood. Light isn't an issue as this plant will grow well in both low lighting and high lighting tanks.

by Andrew B. on 2/3/2021

Arrived neatly bunched and in great condition. After just a couple of weeks they have grown really quickly and I have already harvested some small plants from them. They look great at the back of my aquarium, offering a nice dark green and interesting texture. Very happy.

by Andrew B. on 9/2/2021

Arrived in very neat bunches with ceramic rings as shown in photo. Healthy plants which are doing very well and add nice colour and texture. Now starting to see some new growth appearing on underside of leaves which will allow propogation. Very happy.

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about 20cm

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